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Karen Esposito - Reviewer / Editor

Gambling enthusiast, with a passion for table games like poker and blackjack. I have a major in journalism and have always been particularly interested in the online casino industry, it's latest updates, and the growth it's had in the last years. You will likely find me playing on mobile casinos in my free time and investigating the latest games and industry updates.

Best Gambling Tattoos of 2022


Gambling can be the ultimate metaphor for life. We all experience highs, lows, and unpredictable outcomes along the way. A gambling tattoo can represent the trials and tribulations of your personal story, even if you …

Celebrities and Stars That Launched NFTs


Celebrities have been endorsing products since the 1700s, when royalty used to promote chinaware sales. Their ability to target a massive audience has only grown as the internet has shaped our relationship with them over …

Why Are Gamers Turning to Online Gambling?


Until recently, video games and online gambling seemed like two distinct entities. Video games involve a high skill level and don’t usually require bets. Online gambling, meanwhile, does demand betting and may or may not …

Online Games That Make You Smarter


Welcome to Free Brain Training 101: Online Games That Make You Smarter. Did you know that an endless supply of free online games can help you develop critical skills related directly to your intelligence? Many …

It’s Super Bowl Weekend!


Super Bowl LVI arrives on February 13 in Los Angeles with its usual fanfare, a good game surrounded by parties everywhere. This year’s event carries an exciting media and entertainment edge, with an Olympics and …

Top 10 Things To Do In Las Vegas


Ah, the wondrous adult playground that is Las Vegas! Always awake, always open, 24/7/365, Sin City boasts some of the most inexpensive vacations, flights, hotels, and getaway packages in the United States. And let’s not …