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Karen Esposito - Reviewer / Editor

Gambling enthusiast, with a passion for table games like poker and blackjack. I have a major in journalism and have always been particularly interested in the online casino industry, it's latest updates, and the growth it's had in the last years. You will likely find me playing on mobile casinos in my free time and investigating the latest games and industry updates.

The Best in US Online Gambling 2020


The year 2020 has been so packed with unusual events that it feels as if ten years have passed in the span of one. The coronavirus pandemic shook the world to its core, causing profound …

Which Countries Gamble the Most?


Gambling is almost everywhere on the globe. Online access has changed this industry’s nature over the past 30 years, and virtual casinos are at the forefront. But, which countries are the biggest in gambling?  We …

Does The Lockdown Affect Gambling Addiction?


When the whole world practically shut down at the height of COVID-19, and with its constant resurgence, gambling didn’t stop. Instead, it moved into a scenario where casino users could play online 24/7 from the …

Mobile Gambling Keeps Rising


Thanks to ever-evolving phone technology, mobile gambling is a reality, and according to estimates, the industry will hit an annual global market size of $250 billion by 2027. In a world where there are 3.5 …

Top Online Casino Jackpot Winners – March 2020


Just like they do every month, the best online casinos for US players have rewarded their players with points and tens of thousands of dollars in jackpot prizes. The jackpot and tournament winners of March at BetOnline, MyBookie, …

How to Find Safe Online Casinos


In the world of internet gameplay, there is nothing more important than online casino safety. Whether you are a newbie to gambling sites or have plenty of experience, this is the number one feature to keep …