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Shelly has been writing professionally for more than ten years. She has written more than 2,000 articles for a number of gambling websites. She especially enjoys writing about casino and bingo, but she also has experience creating content about crypto and partnerships. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, watching movies, and spending time with her family.

IRS Extends Tax Payment Deadline


In a relief effort among the COVID-19 outbreak, the US government has postponed the tax filing deadline from April 15 to July 15, 2020. The deadline postponement applies to federal taxes only. You can also defer the …

US Online Gambling on the Rise Amid Coronavirus


During these uncertain times, people are staying home to protect themselves and others from the COVID-19 virus. Governments around the globe are recommending self-isolation as the best method for containing the virus.  This has brought …

Gamble Safely at Online Casinos From Home


There’s not a single person that hasn’t heard of, or sadly, been affected by the new Coronavirus. The virus is spreading faster than any government could predict. The situation in the US has escalated, and …

Virginia Passed The Online Lottery Law


The Online Lottery Bill was signed into law in Virginia. The Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, still needs to provide his signature for the sports and casino gamblings bills. The Lottery Bill was passed by the House and …

Online Gambling Will Grow Thanks to Women


It seems like women are upping their game and helping the online gambling industry grow at a significant rate. Mordor Intelligence LLP research company projects that by 2024 the online gambling industry will be worth $87.75 billion. This …