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Webster Lupton - Researcher / Writer

Webster has been writing about gambling for 10 years and gambling even longer. He also likes the outdoors - mountains, beaches, camping, and birdwatching.

How Do Betting Sites Protect My Data?


Data security is a priority for businesses these days, and online betting sites are no different. Top companies spare no expense in making their websites as air-tight as possible. The best casinos and sportsbooks have become …

Against All Odds The Tokyo Olympics Are Back


The 2020 Summer Olympics are finally here! Granted, they are a year late, and the host country isn’t exactly welcoming the event with open arms. Despite polls showing that most Japanese people don’t want the …

New Bitcoin Online Casinos


Advancing technology continues to change the online casino world with slicker sites and more exciting games. Bitcoin has been a big part of that high-tech revolution because online gambling and the original cryptocurrency have followed …

New Gamification Platform By NBA Hall of Famer


Kevin Garnett launched The Gaming Society, an online platform that will help gamblers and players make better decisions. The NBA Hall of Famer launched the new media company with the Players’ Tribune co-founder, Jaymee Messler. …

New Online Casino Games September 2021


Exploring new games is one of the great things about playing at online casinos. The sites and their software makers constantly introduce new casino games, and they take us to different places with amazing graphics …