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Webster Lupton - Researcher / Writer

Webster has been writing about gambling for 10 years and gambling even longer. He also likes the outdoors - mountains, beaches, camping, and birdwatching.

When is The Best Time to Go to a Casino?


When’s the best time to hit the casino? How about … now. That’s right, anytime is good if you like playing casino games. Your odds are the same, and casinos rotate staff enough for everyone …

Where Can You Gamble at 18?


We wish that governments could get together for uniform gambling laws. As it is, we have to tiptoe around the wide-ranging regulations around wagering, and age is one of those legal differences. This guide provides …

8 Stunning Live Dealer Games in Canada


Online casinos in Canada have live dealer games that outshine their US counterparts. There are 3D characters to interact with, hosts in fancy uniforms, and HD streaming gameshow-style stages with fantastic lighting effects. We’ll look …

Top Casino Slot Machine Secrets Revealed


Ah, slot machines. Those mysterious mechanical creatures with incredible graphics, bells, and whistles. They are the most popular games in any casino because they offer players a shot at a big score. But what’s behind …