4 Online Gambling Rituals Pro Players Swear By


Gambling and luck go hand in hand. Whenever people choose to gamble, they are taking a risk with their money, hoping for a positive outcome. For some, luck plays a factor when gambling, and certain superstitions or rituals are performed in order to see a positive outcome every time.

With online gambling, the rituals are quite similar to land-based play, but players may feel more at ease to perform them in the comfort of their homes. Take a look below at a few online gambling rituals casino players swear by and give them a try.

4 Ways To Increase Your Luck At Online Casinos

There are plenty of different good luck rituals that gamblers have when it comes to playing online casino games. Here are some of the most popular good luck superstitions.

  1. Lucky Charms

    Gamblers often use lucky charms in hopes of bringing good fortune. Some of them may use common items such as coins or a rabbit’s foot, while others might have something odd in their pocket when a big win occurs and then hold on to that item to be able to hopefully have that same good luck.

    While playing at an online casino at home, you can set out your good luck charms, and hopefully, they create a positive outcome during game play. At a land-based casino, you would most likely keep the odd object in your pocket to avoid being seen.
  2. Lucky Clothes

    Some players also have lucky clothes, like a shirt or even underwear, that they will wear in order to experience good luck. Often times, such clothing was worn during a time of good fortune, so the gambler feels that the same piece of clothing will be lucky during their time online.
  3. Wearing Red

    In the Chinese culture, the color red represents joy and good fortune, and that seems to extend to the gambling field. Chinese gamblers often wear red clothing, even underwear, to the casino in the hopes of bringing good luck. You can try this one to see if it works for you!
  4. Blowing On The Dice

    Another common superstition that you will often see players doing in a casino is blowing on the dice. It’s believed that doing this ritual before a craps game role will help to bring good luck. In many cases, a male gambler will ask a female to blow on the dice. If the outcome is good, he will continue to have her blow on the dice to hopefully earn continual wins.

Things To Avoid If You Want To Win

While there are good luck superstitions, there are also bad luck ones as well. Try to avoid these in order to stay on the good side of luck.

Crossing Your Legs

Did you know that it’s often considered unlucky for a gambler to cross their fingers or legs when playing? Supposedly, crossing your fingers or legs can create a losing streak that you don’t want to be on. You can give it a try, but be warned, most say it starts a bad luck streak, where you won’t experience a win for quite some time.

The Number 13


The number 13 is always considered unlucky. In the gambling world, this number is considered unlucky just as it is in everyday life, especially on Friday the 13th. The number is unwelcome at the gaming tables, and players don’t even want to hear it mentioned. If you like to play online roulette, it’s a good idea to avoid placing your bets on the number 13.

Lending Money To Other Players

Another big superstition that players tend to live by is not lending money to other players. It’s basically tempting fate by giving your money away to someone else that supposedly leads to bad luck. You also may never see the money again after, which makes the notion of lending money even more unappealing.

Good or Back Luck – Just Have Fun!

These are just a few examples of popular good and back luck online gambling rituals some people use to improve their winning outcomes. Overall, good luck superstitions for gambling are up to the individual. What you feel brings you good luck might seem odd to some, but if it works, keep it up. At the end of the day, the important thing is to have fun while playing your favorite online casino games!

Are you a superstitious online gambler? Share with us your gambling rituals in the comments below!

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