5 Tips for a Great Super Bowl 52 in Las Vegas

Written by: Joe Falchetti, Online Casinos, Sports Betting, & Poker Expert
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Super Bowl 52 in Las VegasFor those that can’t make it Minneapolis for Super Bowl 52 – Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the U.S. is a close second. In fact, for those interested in sports betting, there is no better place to be for the big game.

Here are our top five tips to have an excellent Super Bowl experience in Sin City and an all-around fun time.


Booking Your Hotel

If you’re staying on the Strip, you’re pretty much in walking distance or a short cab ride away from all the major tourist attractions and shows. However, if you’re interested in a nightclub spot, theme, or a centralized Strip location, some hotels stand out more than others.

Trip Advisor is your best bet for in-depth reviews of each hotel, including the pros and cons, and low prices.


Super Bowl Party

You can decide to wing it on the evening of Super Bowl 52, but you’ll likely be out of luck when it comes to finding a party to go to or a seat at a sportsbook if you don’t plan ahead. If your crowd is looking to party, rather than be heavily focused on the game, look for great food and drink.

However, if you’re gamblers and everything is secondary – make getting an excellent seat in front of a big TV your first priority. Remember, the smaller the sportsbook, the less likely you will get a seat closer to game time.

The best part about Las Vegas is that you can have both! Parties are already scheduled for this year’s Super Bowl, many of which include all-you-can-eat promotions. Entry fees range from several hundred dollars to VIP experiences in the thousands.


Place Your Bets

Get your action down at the window or using a mobile app. If you place a bet at the window for $100-$200, you will almost always get a free drink or two off your wager. Also, remember to line shop. Even if you’re in Vegas, you still have at least a mobile phone and access to your offshore accounts.

If you find a better price in your online sportsbook account, don’t make the mistake of paying more on a bet just “because you want to place a bet in Vegas.” You can still enjoy your party and seat in the sportsbook, and get a better price elsewhere.


Bet Early

If you want to place a bet at the window, as many tourists do, that’s going to involve standing in line. On Super Bowl Sunday, that line can get long. Consider betting with mobile apps or getting there earlier to beat the big crowd.

There are a lot more markets than usual when betting on the Super Bowl. Research your bets ahead of time, know what you’re betting, so you can grab a beverage and watch the game.


Pace Yourself

Super Bowl parties begin early, and Vegas is known, for, well, drinking and lots of it. They also legalized recreational marijuana in 2017, so there are plenty of dispensaries located around town (including at least two on the Strip) that can give you a buzz.

Too many people make Super Bowl Sunday an all-day drinking affair and maybe passing out by halftime. Pace yourself, eat some food, and grab a water between drinks. You’ll make better decisions with your money and won’t be hung over the next morning and ruin the next day of your vacation.

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Joe Falchetti Online Casinos, Sports Betting, & Poker Expert

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