Advantages of Playing Video Table Games

Video Roulette tableElectronic table games are more popular now than they have ever been.  Most Las Vegas casinos offer digital versions of table games.  Options typically include craps, blackjack, Big Wheel or roulette.  It is possible to find electronic versions of Three Card Poker, Let it Ride, Ultimate Texas Hold’em and baccarat on other gaming markets.

Serious players usually walk past these games and head to the live tables.  There are some reasons why you should consider sitting at an electronic table game.

Lower Limits

Electronic tables often offer lower limits than live versions of the same game.  Many casinos set these games to a minimum bet of $3 or less.  High-end casinos on the Las Vegas Strip will typically have a minimum bet of $5 on electronic table games.  Cosmopolitan is the only exception, where its video blackjack machines have a $10 or $15 minimum bet.

Better Comps

Most video table games accept a players card.  This tracks the player’s action and awards comps based on it.  Some electronic table games will also issue points.  Comps and points are awarded at a higher rate on a video table game than a live counterpart.  That is because table games often do not award much in the way of comps.  Cash back is nearly impossible to get when playing live blackjack, craps, roulette or anything else, but many electronic table games do award points that can be converted to money or free play.

The video table games often award tier points.  This helps players move up the club ranks.  Higher tiers award more perks like a casino host, special events, free entertainment, instant reservations and free hotel rooms.  Electronic table games may also be valid for point multiplier days offered by casinos.  This can cut the house edge of blackjack, craps and Ultimate Texas Hold’em in half.  In some cases, it can even turn the game into a player advantage.

Some casinos restrict points on video table games.  Always check to see if there is a disclaimer on the device.  Even if the machine does not award points, it may award comps are tier credits.

Faster Play

One of the most annoying aspects of playing live table games is the speed.  There can be chatter that slows the action down.  Players at the table often take too long to place bets.  Card games require a break to shuffle or replace the cards.  Gathering discards can slow the game down.

At craps, the dice may fly off the table or the dealers can take a long time to pay bets.  Players can make late bets that slow the game down. None of this happens at a video table game.  Payouts are made quickly and there are no distractions.  Players make a wager before the timer counts down or they sit out a hand.

No Mistakes

One issue with playing complicated table games is dealer errors.  These are common at craps and Ultimate Texas Hold’em.  A video table game will always make the right payout and declare a hand correctly. One complaint roulette players often have is the crowd of chips and players.  This can cause confusion on chips placed on outside bets.  That will not happen in video roulette.

Better Odds

Video table games often offer better payouts. Most multi-player video blackjack games have a surrender option.  These games often pay 3-2 on a blackjack.  Card counters should note that modern blackjack machines do not disclose a shuffle point. Most video blackjack games cannot be counted.

Video roulette games may sometimes have just one zero.  This is often true in the single player versions.  Craps games may pay a higher amount on prop bets but usually pay double on 12 on the Field bet.

No Tipping

Table game players are expected to tip the dealer.  This occurs by betting for the dealer during the game or leaving a tip at the end of a session.  The electronic dealer eliminates the need to tip.  Giving the slot attendant a couple of dollars for helping with the machine or giving a small percentage of a hand pay is still customary, just like it would be on a slot machine.

Low Limit Players Move Action to Video Table Games

All of the above are reasons to play electronic table games over live ones for most players.  High limit players may not like the maximum bet on machines.  They may also prefer the feeling of live cards.  High limit blackjack players will find the same or better odds at a live table so that makes it a better option for big bettors.

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