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Bingo Books

Bingo books are a great way to learn about the game. Although bingo doesn’t inspire many books due to its simplistic nature and lack of strategy, you can still find some intriguing titles.

You might be interested in these works when seeking the few existing bingo strategy tidbits. Additionally, some bingo books provide entertainment and exciting stories about the game.

Follow along as we cover the top books about bingo and what makes them so great.

Top 7 Interesting Books for Bingo Lovers

The evolution of bingo books has gone from ineffective systems to more-practical advice that provides some benefits. You won’t become an advantage gambler by reading these works, but you could add a few dollars to your bottom line.

Aside from the strategy books covered below, this list includes bingo game books for entertainment. It also highlights multiple works about ineffective systems, so you know what to avoid.


Bingo! How to Improve Your Odds (2001) by Andrew Bowser

Book About Bingo - Bingo How to Improve Your Odds

Andrew Bowser is an experienced gambling writer who’s worked for Casino Magazine, The Gaming Journal, and Bingo Business. His experience shows in Bingo! How to Improve Your Odds, which is easily one of the best bingo books.

Unlike many authors, Bowser doesn’t push systems, patterns, or other worthless strategies. He even explains why these approaches don’t work throughout his 80-page book.

The New York-based writer focuses on bingo’s practical side while offering some essential tips.

Bowser explains how to determine your odds of winning in a live game. You need to divide your cards by the estimated number of cards in the room.

Bowser also provides tips on how to stay alert during extended playing sessions. None of this advice is earth-shattering, but it’s practical and will help you.


How to Win at Bingo (1977) by Joseph E. Granville

Bingo Book - How to Win at Bingo

Now let’s get into a book that doesn’t work regarding bingo strategy. Joe Granville’s How to Win at Bingo is revolutionary because it’s one of the earliest strategy guides.

This 145-page book advises readers to choose cards with optimal number combinations. Granville uses stats to suggest that 60% of the first-called balls have different last digits. For example, you’d avoid cards with numbers like 15, 35, 65, and 75.

The late Granville was no charlatan and wrote some impressive stock market books. Granville’s Last Stand: Secrets of the Stock Market Revealed (1995) and The Warning: The Coming Great Crash in the Stock Market (1985) come to mind.

However, his bingo advice suffers from the false theory that one can manipulate a random game. Bingo games feature random results and are unpredictable.

You can’t choose winning bingo cards by looking at the numbers—regardless of what the questionable 60% stat suggests.


Gambling Times Guide to Bingo (1986) by Roger Snowden

Top Bingo Books - Gambling Times Guide to Bingo

Roger Snowden started his gambling writing career with Bingo! Winning Is the Name of the Game (1979). He launched the Bingo Bugle in 1980 as a free publication, which had 1 million readers at its height.

Snowden parlayed the Bingo Bugle‘s success into another book entitled Gambling Times Guide to Bingo.

Affiliated with Gambling Times Magazine, this 194-page guide presents a mixed bag of information. The history, rules, gameplay, and terms sections are excellent. On the other hand, the strategy section leaves something to be desired.

Snowden falls into the trap of discussing bingo systems and patterns. If interested, you can read this information for entertainment, but you’ll get the most value from the rules and gameplay sections.

You might also find the game’s history discussion interesting.


Keep Grandma Off the Streets (2013) by Matthew Del Mei

Best Books About Bingo - Keep Grandma Off the Streets

Keep Grandma Off the Streets: Tales from the Bingo Hall isn’t a strategy book but rather an entertaining read.

It features 25 short stories about players and employees at a bingo parlor. Every story relates bingo to life and offers a mixture of drama and humor.

Matthew Del Mei generates ideas via his experience working in a bingo hall. He calls on his observations and experiences to compile one of the best non-strategy books about bingo.

Keep Grandma Off the Streets offers a refreshing break from the dry works throughout the industry. Consider reading this book between strategy resources to break up the monotony.


The Basics of Winning Bingo (2002) by Avery Cardoza

Best Bingo Books - The Basics of Winning Bingo

Avery Cardoza is a former blackjack card counter banned by casinos in the early 1980s. Afterward, he launched a successful publishing company that released many gambling strategy books. The Basics of Winning Bingo is the most-notable bingo book from Cardoza Publishing.

This 2002 work covers the game’s basics and tips on how to win more often. It has been through three editions, with more information added in each version.

The Basics of Winning Bingo is a decent book if you’re a beginner. However, it has little value to experienced players—especially those seeking in-depth strategy.

Cardoza may be a blackjack expert, but he seems out of his element when discussing bingo. The famed author advises readers to play multiple bingo cards with vastly different numbers from each other.

The idea is that unique cards offer more chances to hit called numbers. This approach falls into the fallacy that there’s a semblance of strategy to choosing cards.


The Bingo Palace (1994) by Louise Erdrich

Bingo Book - The Bingo Palace

Author Louise Erdrich has enjoyed plenty of mainstream success throughout her career. She boasts numerous writing awards and has penned notables like Love Medicine (1984) and Antelope Wife (1998).

She’s also written The Bingo Palace, a fictional work on the tribal bingo industry.

Erdrich is one of 30,000 enrolled members of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians. She uses Chippewa characters in most of her novels and short stories.

The same holds true in The Bingo Palace, which focuses on the lives and dramas of tribal bingo employees.

You might find Erdrich’s perspective unique compared to other authors on this list. The Bingo Palace explores how a successful and expanding gambling parlor threatens sacred Chippewa land.

It ultimately admonishes the gambling industry while celebrating the tribe’s traditions and spirituality.


The Bingo Queens of the Oneida (2014) by Mike Hoeft

Book About Bingo - The Bingo Queens of the Oneida

The Bingo Queens of the Oneida: How Two Moms Started Tribal Gaming in Wisconsin is a 2014 nonfiction work. It doesn’t contain any strategy, but it could be helpful if you’re interested in bingo’s business side.

Author Mike Hoeft was a journalist for the Green Bay Press-Gazette before this book. His wife urged him to quit and free more time for the Bingo Queens of the Oneida project. He took her up on the suggestion following a lymphoma scare in 2009.

Hoeft’s work examines how Alma Webster and Sandra Ninham started bingo games in Wisconsin as tribal fundraisers. The Oneida women did so in 1976, long before tribal gaming exploded in popularity.

They essentially ignited a movement that would see more tribal bingo halls spring up across America.

Expert Tip: Read Bingo Books with Caution

Legitimate bingo strategy is limited and provides a slight uptick in your odds. You won’t find a guaranteed method of beating this game outside of rigged action. Therefore, you should exercise caution with bingo game books that promise winning systems and strategies.

Many authors cover this ground because they need content to fill 100-200 pages. However, you don’t need to pay attention to their discussions on patterns and choosing the right bingo cards. None of these strategies work and could do more harm than good.

We prefer realistic books about bingo, like Andrew Bowser’s Bingo! How to Improve Your Odds. In contrast, Joe Granville’s How to Win at Bingo delves into faulty systems and magical formulas.

Top Online Casinos to Play Bingo for Real Money

The books discussed here revolve around land-based bingo parlors. However, you can also enjoy playing bingo for real money at online casinos.

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Read These Bingo Books & Become an Expert Player!

Bookstore shelves aren’t full of books about bingo, but you can still find some gems. Bingo! How to Improve Your Odds is our list’s best pure strategy guide. The Bingo Palace and Keep Grandma Off the Streets are good reads for entertainment. Consider looking into all seven of the listed works on this page.

Aside from reading, you can also check out the online bingo sites available here. We’ve reviewed each casino listed above to ensure they offer players the best in bingo games and bonuses.

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