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Written by: Webster Lupton, Casino, Gambling, and Sports Journalist
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Reddit is a great place to find out all sorts of stuff, add your comments, and discuss things with others. Naturally, gamblers and companies have caught on to the best Reddit gambling communities and made them good sources for lots of gaming-related information.

Mainly, Reddit is a place to drop in and find out what other gamblers are doing and thinking. When you land on the homepage to find something specific, you may have to click and scroll a bit. But the site has things pretty well organized, and their r/(subject) search tool makes specific topics easy to Google. Here we’ll help you find out which pages have the best info on wagering and where to toss in your two cents worth.

What is Reddit?

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Reddit is like one giant online bulletin board. It is a free membership website for news, memes, support, ratings, serious discussion, crafts, and everything in between. Members can submit all sorts of content – links, text, images, and videos. Then other members can vote the posts up or down and add their input.

Posts are organized into subreddits, but “hot” posts with enough upvotes can make their way to the homepage. There are other features of Reddit, such as instant chat, direct messages, and rewards for contributions.

What are Subreddits?

Subreddits are specific forums with rules set up for a common-interest community. People can share the same types of information and comment on each other’s posts. To date, there are just over 2.8 million subreddits.

The Top Subreddits for Betting and Online Gambling

As Reddit betting pages have become more popular and wagering is more prevalent worldwide, gamblers, betting operations, and experts on the site have grown. Here are some subreddits that will get you to various Reddit gaming groups.

Reddit Gambling Header

Reddit Gambling

/r/Gambling covers a lot of ground, dealing with all forms of betting. You will see testimonies, complaints, questions from all levels of gamblers, and tournament promotions. You can also find comments on different betting systems.

Subreddits for Specific Casino Games

These subreddits offer all sorts of info on your favorite casino games, with opinions and other input from others who like the same games. Here are some:

  • r/Blackjack is a page labeled “for counters and casual players alike!” You will find many accounts from people who play real money blackjack at various gambling houses and tips here and there.
  • r/Roulette takes you to the world of spinning and winning. There are a lot of discussions on roulette betting strategies, and we noticed that insider posts such as “Former Roulette Dealer here” get a lot of attention.
  • r/Craps is a good resource if you are learning the game of craps. You’ll find good back-and-forth on strategies and fun things like “how I won last night.”
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Reddit Online Gambling Header

Reddit Online Gambling

Of course, r/OnlineGambling is where many of us wind up. This subreddit is good to dig deep into how online gambling works and other online players play.

You can find reports from various sites and lots of nifty info on games and transaction methods, especially crypto wagering.

Reddit Poker Header

Reddit Poker

This page has almost 200,000 members, but it covers a lot about all forms of the game. Head over to r/Poker to see videos of big plays, stories from and about famous players, and links to calculators and published books.

The subject matter is so wide-ranging that there are several flair filters available. You’ll find information on everything from real money online poker and world series matches to phone apps and casual game memes.

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Reddit Wallstreet Bets Header

Reddit Wall Street Betting

The community over at r/WallStreeBets is there to support (or laugh at) all your advantageous stock market and options contract plays. This subreddit has nearly 12 million people who jokingly call themselves “degenerates.”

When you dive into this highly active group, you’ll need to wade through ridiculous win/loss memes, YOLO plays, and wild speculation to get to some actual analysis. That said, there are daily discussions on which ticker is the next to “go to the moon,” and sometimes you can find a good tip.

Reddit Horse Racing Header

Reddit Horse Racing

There’s a big horse racing world out there, and the r/HorseRacing subreddit covers it all. The page is mainly about thoroughbred racing, but you can find good quarterhorse and standardbred stuff.

Since there is a track open somewhere at any time, you will find updates from around the world, around the clock. There are good questions and authoritative answers on many aspects of the game and betting.

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Ask Reddit Header

Ask Questions to The Whole Site

Naturally, millions flock to r/AskReddit to ask and answer almost anything. They are so swamped one of the first things you will see is that they are “looking for moderators!” You will find many hypothetical questions on the page and a lot of what makes you glad or sad.

So, if you can’t find what you want on the other gambling-related subreddits, you can simply ask all the website’s users. One of the 48 million monthly users is sure to give you their input and point you in the right direction.

Reddit: Scrolling for Fun

Reddit is an excellent resource to keep bookmarked if you are into real money online casinos. It’s not always for serious research, but if you spend time in Reddit gambling communities, you are sure to come across valuable information from time to time. More than that, you are sure to have fun. Make sure to share your own experiences with the online community.

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