How to Bet and Win Real Money at Online Blackjack

Win Real Money Online Blackjack Betting Strategy

Playing real money online blackjack is a great way to pass the time – but did you know it could also earn you some nice cash wins?

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at some of the earnings pro online blackjack players make from big tournaments and high roller type games. Back in 2011, Donald Johnson, CEO of Heritage Development LLC, managed to win $15.1 million by playing blackjack. To this day it’s considered the biggest blackjack win in history.

Today we’re going to look at some of the different online blackjack betting strategies you can use to improve your game and maximize your chances of securing that big win.

Online Blackjack Betting Strategies 

There are different strategies you can use to improve the odds of winning at real money online blackjack. Take a look at some of the most common ones.

  1. Progressive Betting
    With this strategy, you will raise or lower your bet based on whether you won or lost the previous hand. Depending on how your streak is flaring up, you will make bets accordingly to stabilize your wins and losses.
  2. Regression Betting
    With this strategy, you start by making a large unit wager followed by smaller, standard-sized units. The point of doing this is to try and win big on the initial bet, then revert to using your cash more carefully for all subsequent bets. In theory, this should help preserve your winnings and contain losses. 
  3. Basic Strategy
    Card counting involves memorizing the right way to hit, stand, split, and double down to cut the house edge from 1-2% to 0.5%. Examples of how to apply it include standing when your hand is 12-16 when the dealer has 2-6. On the other side, you can hit when your hand is 12-16, and the dealer has 7-A. It isn’t straightforward to master, but once you get it, you can improve your chances of winning drastically. 

Want to Know More About Blackjack Strategy?

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Top Online Casinos to Play Real Money Blackjack

Want to put into practice some of these betting strategies? Check out the following US online casinos where you can play real money blackjack. It’s also worth mentioning that these sites offer live dealer blackjack games for those who like to get in on the action.

#1BetOnline Casino BetOnline24100% up to $3,000Play Now!
#2MyBookie Casino MyBookie21150% up to $750Play Now!
#3Wild Casino Logo Wild Casino10$5,000 Welcome BonusPlay Now!
#4Bovada Casino Logo Bovada9125% up to $3,750Play Now!
#5Cafe Casino Cafe Casino9350% up to $2,500Play Now!

1. BetOnline

BetOnline Real Money Online Blackjack

BetOnline is a real paradise for blackjack fans. At present, it features 24 variants of the game, including American Blackjack, Single Hand Blackjack, and Multi-Hand Blackjack. The site also offers players 10 live blackjack tables.

It is mobile friendly and offers a generous 100% welcome bonus for new blackjack players.

BetOnline Casino
BetOnline Casino
Sign Up Now and Get 100% up to $3,000

2. MyBookie

MyBookie Real Money Online Blackjack

If you join MyBookie Casino today, you can choose from 21 different online blackjack formats. They also offer five live dealer blackjack tables that you can join if you want a more authentic experience.

Players can claim an exclusive 8% rebate on Blackjack losses on the 21st of every month. They also offer a Triple Diamonds 21 bonus that offers a $500 cash prize if you hit a 21 with three diamond suited 7s.

MyBookie Casino
MyBookie Casino
Register Here and Get 150% up to $750

3. Wild Casino

Wild Casino Real Money Online Blackjack

This is another popular choice for online blackjack enthusiasts. Wild Casino offers 10 variants of the game as well as 10 live dealer blackjack tables.

There’s no specific blackjack bonus, but this casino has one of the biggest welcome bonuses we’ve ever seen, offering up to $5,000 to first time members

Wild Casino
Wild Casino
New Players Claim $5,000 Welcome Bonus

4. Bovada

Bovada Real Money Online Blackjack

Bovada is one of the most popular online casinos in the US. It features nine variants of blackjack to meet different requirements, and it also offers more than 25 live blackjack tables.

There isn’t a specific promotion for blackjack, but a generous $3,000 welcome bonus is enough to tempt anyone!

Bovada Casino
Bovada Casino
Register Today and Claim 125% up to $3,750

5. Cafe Casino

Cafe Casino Real Money Online Blackjack

With nine blackjack variants and two live blackjack tables to choose from, you’ll never run out of options to have fun at Cafe Casino. Players at this top-rated online casinos will never run out of reasons to have fun and win big.

Their 500% welcome bonus up to $5,000 means you can keep playing your favorite game for much longer. 

Cafe Casino
Cafe Casino
Play Now and Receive 350% up to $2,500

Place Your Bets and Play Online Blackjack!

Now that you have a better idea of what online blackjack strategies you can use to increase your chances of winning real money, nothing can hold you back! Pick one of the top-rated online casinos mentioned above today and see how much cash you can make before the day is done! 

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