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Written by: Sadonna Price, OUSC Expert in Online Casinos and Poker
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Casino Gambling Superstitions – Are You a Lucky Gambler?

Gamblers are probably the most superstitious people in the world. It is not uncommon for a gambler to do most anything to try and improve their chances of winning. This could be carrying a charm for good luck or performing a ritual before placing a bet or during a gambling session. Is there such a thing as Lady Luck? Does being superstitious help a gambler win more often than not?

Superstition and Gambling

In the past, psychologists have completed studies on the relationship between superstitions and gambling. The conclusion of such studies is that superstitions will develop in gamblers overtime and they can then become a basis for gambling sessions in the future. If a gambler wins a game of craps after blowing on the dice two times, then they may feel the need to do this every single time they roll. If a player was wearing a t-shirt emblazed with cats during a big slot win, they may wear this shirt every single time they visit the casino in the future.

Gambling superstitions kissing the dice

Demi Moore kisses and rolls the dice in the 1993 movie “Indecent Proposal”

The same can be said for being unlucky as well. If a player sees an instance or item has caused them bad luck, they will do whatever they can to avoid it again. Take for example a player who wears a new shirt when playing blackjack. If they continually lose, they may feel their shirt was just unlucky, never wearing it again at the casino. Because everyone is different, it is not uncommon for superstitions to be outlandish and crazy-sounding, depending on the individual.

Common Casino Superstitions

While every gambler can create their own superstitions, there are some common ones among players. Take for example the $50 bill. Many gamblers feel that using a $50 bill is unlucky. They will not use a $50 to play and they will not accept a $50 bill as payment. There are even some casinos that do not even hand out such bills from their cashier cage because of this superstition.

Lady Luck at the Table

Craps SuperstitionsThere are several superstitions involving the craps table that most players will follow during gameplay. Players do not want to be the first or only player at the table because the dice will be ‘cold’ and need to be warmed up first. If the dice leave the table, it is believed that the next roll will be unlucky. Players may choose to shout ‘same dice’ at this time thinking that the luck might be changed if the dice are not changed up.

And never mention the number 7 at the craps table. Refer to this number as ‘it’ saying something like ‘I hope ‘it’ doesn’t show’. Some players even go so far as calling the 7 the devil!

Gaming Rituals and Betting

Betting Superstitions cross your fingersRituals can also occur at the gaming tables. Some players may cross their fingers before an outcome or knock on wood. Chips might be stacked a certain way, (I like mine to be neat and orderly) or a card or number might be called out loud. These rituals are quite common and used by players as a superstition in the hopes of earning a positive outcome.

These are just a few examples of how superstitions play a role in the gambling world. If you have superstitions, don’t feel weird about it or try to hide it. Embrace your superstitions! Because everyone else at the casino has some sort of superstition they follow too!

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