Are You a Classic or Skill-Based Online Slots Player?

Written by: Sadonna Price, OUSC Expert in Online Casinos and Poker
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Classic vs Skill Based SlotsWhat do you picture when you think of slot games? Most people will imagine the traditional and vintage slot machines at casinos, but you might be surprised to know that there’s a new kid on the reels.

With the rise of innovative video games, both land-based and online casinos are putting a lot of effort into creating more dynamic casino games for the younger generation. These types of games are called skill-based slots and their goal is to grab the player’s attention to create a more immersive gameplay experience.

Keep reading to learn more about classic and skill-based online slots so you can have all the information to pick the right game for you

Classic Online Slots – Games That Stand the Test of Time

Slot Machine iconIf something is labeled as “classic” it’s common to believe that it has stood the test of time and therefore, it should be considered as the best. When it comes to classic online slots, these popular traditional games reflect the retro feel from the early days of Las Vegas casinos.

However, thanks to advanced technology and a more demanding audience, classic slots have implemented better graphics and visual effects to enhance the overall experience. Despite this fact, these types of slots still hold the advantage of being a simple game to learn, with a more limited number of betting options, and bigger payouts.

Examples of Classic Online Slots

A lot of players still hold a preference for classic online slots. The simplicity of the concept and the relaxing nature of the game bring memories of a simpler time with the nice addition of advanced technology and trends. You can find traditional slots at our recommended casinos like BetOnline and Cafe Casino. The following are some popular classic online slot games you can play today:

Skill-Based Online Slots – The Future of Slot Games

Mindset iconVideo games, smartphones, computers, and virtual reality. If you’ve grown up with these technological devices, it’s no surprise that you’ve witnessed a massive shift towards games that demand the player to improve his or her skills in order to keep winning.

Online slot games are no different. In an effort to attract millennial players that want something more dynamic and different than classic slot games, developers have created skill-based online slots. The main difference between these games and classic slots is that the outcome is based on skill rather than chance.

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra

Max Quest – Wrath of Ra Slot LogoMax Quest: Wrath of Ra is probably one of the most popular skill-based online slot games you can find today. This revolutionary game is as unique as it gets and combines the best features of a slot with an adrenaline-filled video game.

In the game, players go on a journey to find lost treasures in Egypt. Created by Betsoft Gaming, the adventure starts with a greeting from Professor Finnley Orgarian. Players customize their quest or play and begin the adventure as they seek lost treasure within the tombs of Egypt.

Available at MyBookie Casino, this game replaces the spinning of reels with enemy targets moving across the screen. In order to win the game, players have to shoot at the targets and match symbols.

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Classic vs. Skill-Based Online Slots – Who Wins the Battle?

Ultimately, the winner of this battle is the player. Fans of the classic slot game enjoy the more simple experience without leaving aside the cool new graphics and technologies of this traditional casino game. On the other hand, for players that want a more challenging experience, skill-based online slots are their best bet. The dynamic experience of a video game-like adventure is perfect for millennials and other players who want to feel the rush of a challenge.

Try Your Luck and Play Some Online Slots!

Visit one of our top-rated online casinos today and spin the reels on some of these slot games. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, jump head first with a skill-based game like Max Quest and try to find the treasure! If, on the other hand, you want to sit back and relax, go ahead and play some classic online slot games in hopes of taking home a nice money prize.

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