Flash-Free Online Casino Games For 2023 & Beyond

Flash-Free Online Casino Games Blog HeaderAll things eventually come to an end. First, it was Microsoft Paint (sob), and now it is time for the annoying internet protocol that is Flash to make its exit.

As of 2020, Flash was discontinued, and the many online casinos where it is still used will have to find another way to host their games. Many people are wondering how this change will affect online casinos, and whether or not players will still be able to play online games.

Fortunately, this news is not as scary as it sounds, and many of your favorite online casinos already have a plan in place for when the Flash doomsday eventually comes around.

Will Online Casinos Be Affected by The Death of Flash?

flash iconNo one would deny that Flash has played an essential role in the world of online casinos. The software hosts many of the games we are used to playing, and this latest update has certainly shaken things up. But change isn’t always a bad thing. Many online casinos are looking forward to the new era and already have plans in place to take the next step.

Moreover, Flash developers, Adobe, announced their plans to continue supporting the platform up until 2020. As a result, this gives any online casinos that have not yet got things in order a little more time to do so before the deadlines hits.

Many online casinos have already begun their migration away from Flash by developing games using its replacement, HTML5. With this native platform, developers can build games much more efficiently and design them so that they are smartphone compatible with the rising number of mobile casino gamers.

Flash-Free Online Casino Games

Sometime soon you may find yourself in a situation where your favorite Flash-based game is no longer loading. In that case, try one of the many Flash-free online casino game titles available. The OUSC team has created a list of our favorite games.

Online Blackjack

blackjack bovada casinoThe age-old classic that never fails to get a thrill. The aim of online blackjack is to try to get as close as you can to 21 without going over. This game isn’t full luck and players with skill might have a slight edge.

As well as being Flash-free, blackjack at Wild Casino will keep you entertained and in the money for many years to come. They offer many varieties of the game too so you may even find one you like better than the original.

Wild Casino
Wild Casino
Play Blackjack and Claim $5,000 Welcome Bonus

777 Deluxe Slot Game

777 Deluxe Slot LogoThis is one of the best online traditional slots of all gambling sites. Spinning the reels on 777 Deluxe never fails to provide a good time. The massive progressive jackpots are just one way this slot game sets itself apart.

With its crisp graphics, this game available on DuckyLuck Casino will keep you coming back for more time and time again. Their site also offers a huge variety of other 3D and video slots. When you decide to mix it up a bit, you’re sure to find a title you love.

DuckyLuck Casino
DuckyLuck Casino
Play Slot Games To Get 500% Up to $7,500

Live Dealer Roulette

Live Dealer American RouletteIf you love a game of chance but with a real casino feel, then live dealer roulette is for you. Place bets on numbers and colors and with luck, you’ll win big. You can cash in or always let it ride.

If your favorite Flash version of this game is on the fritz, head over to Las Atlantis Casino and take a turn on their wheel of fortune. Their site is sure to work, and their dealers are some of the best in the business.

Las Atlantis Casino
Las Atlantis Casino
Join Live Dealer Roulette For 280% up to $14,000

Poker Rooms

BetOnline Poker ScreenshotWhat casino would be complete without a battle of the wits at the poker table? Online poker rooms typically have many versions of this card classic, so you’re guaranteed to find something that fits your play style.

Head over to Bovada now and try your hand in their Flash-free poker rooms. They offer tournament options for players with any sized bankroll.

Bovada Casino
Bovada Casino
Try A Poker Room and Get 125% up to $3,750

HTML5 Is The Flash Replacement Online Casinos Deserve

What is HTML5? In essence, it’s just the coding language that allows us to see stuff online. The World Wide Web uses hypertext Markup Language (HTML) to display information, and the “5” after HTML means that it’s the fifth generation of the HTML standard.

Though it isn’t exactly new, HTML5 will be replacing Flash because it is everything Flash set out to be and more. It is an open-source technology that is built into browsers and has been tried and tested for many years. The quality of its playback is consistently fast and impressive, plus it works well on mobile and across all browsers. Moreover, developers can implement video and audio elements without the need for plug-ins, which places it at a significant advantage over Flash.


  • Support For All Mobile Browsers
  • No Downloads or Updates
  • Loads & Runs Very Fast
  • Open Source Code
  • Easy To Use
  • Long Tested & Most Secure

Adobe Flash

  • No Mobile Support
  • Requires Plugin Downloads
  • Needs Updated Constantly
  • Slow To Load
  • Complex & Closed Code
  • Security Flaws In The Past

Online Casino Gaming Will Continue After Flash Ends

Network iconChange is coming, and for some people, change is always worrying. However, we can assure you that there is no need to fear.

Flash may be coming to an end, but you’ll still be able to play games at online casinos for real money. In fact, HTML5 developed games will be better, faster, and more enjoyable than ever before.

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