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Hocus Pocus characters

Originally released in 1993, Hocus Pocus is a pop culture movie icon, a Halloween season staple. The characters are seen everywhere, from coffee mugs to t-shirts, and fans even dress up as the Sanderson sisters! 

At OUSC, we thought it would be fun to look at how the main characters would play online casino games if they took a break from the spooky Halloween holiday.

Casinos Games Hocus Pocus Characters Would Play

Check out our insights below on what type of games the Sanderson sisters and Billy Butcherson would play. You can then try a few new online casino games based on your favorite characters! 

Winifred Sanderson – The Ginger Blackjack Leader

Winifred Sanderson

As the eldest Sanderson sister, Winifred is bossy and likes to be in charge. If she were to steal away from trying to capture a virgin and claim immortality to play a casino game, we think she would want to play real money blackjack.

Winifred is strategic, so she would pick a game that uses strategies to earn big wins. Of course, if she lost a hand, we envision she might use a little magic to change the outcome! She would probably play at El Royale Casino.

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El Royale Casino
El Royale Casino
Accepts US players with a 250% up to $12,500

Sarah Sanderson – The Fun-Loving Slot Fan

Sara Sanderson

As the ditzy Sanderson’s sister, Sarah, is all about having fun. She would undoubtedly enjoy real money slot games due to the variety of themed options. Slots are an easy game to play and require no thinking or strategy, which would be perfect for Sarah!

We imagine that she would play slots at Super Slots Casino, where she can spin the reels one time and move from game to game, as she has a short attention span. 

Super Slots Casino
Super Slots Casino
250% up to $6,000

Mary Sanderson – The Zany Craps Player

Mary Sanderson

Ah, Mary, the quiet sister. She may seem a little off, but she is calculating and observant. Mary has to keep Winifred in check, so she knows how to control a situation. Because she thinks before she acts, Mary would like to play real money craps.

She would think about each bet before rolling the dice, weighing the odds carefully on the inside and outside bets. Mary would probably play craps at BetOnline and might tip the odds in her favor with a bit of magic! 

BetOnline Casino
BetOnline Casino
100% up to $3,000

Billy Butcherson – The Walking Dead Meets Roulette

Billy Butcherson

Oh, Billy! One of the most beloved and quiet characters from Hocus Pocus. As Winifred’s ex-boyfriend, poor Billy suffered the fate of being poisoned and having his mouth sewn shut so he would not tell her secrets. Winifred resurrects him 300 years after his death.

For Billy, we imagine he would like to play real money roulette. He is probably missing human companionship, so he would likely choose to play roulette at Wild Casino via the live dealer section.

Wild Casino
Wild Casino
100% up to $5,000

Which Hocus Pocus Character Are You?

Hocus Pokus Logo

If you are like most Hocus Pocus fans, you have a favorite Sanderson sister. Or perhaps, Billy is your favorite character!

Enjoy playing online casino games that they would play to see if you have a similar personality. You will have fun playing new online games, and maybe you will earn a prize or two along the way!

Visit any of our recommended real money online casinos to start trying the games that these beloved characters would enjoy. 

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