How to Win a Million Dollars With a Five Dollar Side Bet

How To Win a Million Dollars With Five DollarsIn late 2018, the Venetian Las Vegas launched a new progressive option for table games titled the Sands Millionaire Progressive. The jackpot starts at a whopping $1 million and increases as players take part in the side bet. For just a $5 side bet, players are eligible to win the jackpot prize. Amazingly, within the past two weeks, the jackpot has been hit not once, but twice!

Two Jackpots in Ten Days

Kevin Ripski Sands Millionare JackpotThe first Sands Millionaire Progressive win took place on February 1st. The winner was Kevin Ripski of Ontario, Canada. Kevin was staying at the Venetian Resort when he decided to place the $5 side bet at the Caribbean Stud Poker table. He was playing blind and let the dealer flip his cards. After earning a royal flush, Kevin was the jackpot winner as well, earning a $1,114,079 prize!

Just a few days ago, an anonymous player from Texas claimed the Sands Millionaire Progressive. The player who remains unknown was enjoying an Ultimate Texas Hold’em game at the Venetian when he hit a natural royal flush and earned a jackpot prize of $1,018,472!

Turning $5 into $1 million

The Sands Millionaire Progressive is one of the largest progressive jackpots connected to table games in Las Vegas. Available at The Venetian Casino, the Sands Millionaire Progressive is available to players who place a $5 side bet and earn a Royal Flush while playing the progressive table games at the Venetian as well as The Palazzo.

Games eligible for the jackpot prize include:

How Does Caribbean Stud Work?

Since the first jackpot was claimed by playing Caribbean Stud Poker, you may be wondering how this game actually works. It’s not as popular as the Ultimate Texas Hold’em game where the second jackpot was won, but it’s still a pretty exciting table game to play. The following is a quick step-by-step guide on how to play Caribbean Stud Poker:

  1. Place Your Ante Bet

    Players will make their ante bet and can choose a bonus side bet.

  2. Place The Sands Millionaire Jackpot Wager

    In this instance, players would be placing the Sands Millionaire Jackpot wager.

  3. Decide Whether to Fold or Double

    Players will then be dealt the cards by the dealer and can choose to fold or double their ante.

  4. The Cards Are Dealt

    Players are dealt five cards and the dealer receives the same. One dealer card will be exposed.

  5. The Best Card Hands

    The game is played based on traditional poker hands. A Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a kind and Full House are the best hands to see after the deal.

  6. Choose Whether or Not to Bet

    Choose to bet if you have a pair or better and hopefully you can beat the dealer!

Placing Side Bets in Caribbean Stud Poker

When it comes to side bets, the Caribbean Stud Poker tables at the Venetian Casino offer the Sands Millionaire Progressive option. Players simply tell the dealer they want to post the $5 side bet to be included. Just make the wager and hope to earn the Royal Flush so that you can be the big jackpot winner!

Try Your Luck At The Sands Millionaire Jackpot

If you’re planning to visit the Venetian Casino or the Palazzo, be sure to find the Sands Millionaire Progressive on the gaming floors. Place the $5 side bet and you might be the next millionaire winner! If you want to practice first before hitting the casino floor, we recommend visiting a top-ranked US online casino like BetOnline to brush up on your table game skills.

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