How to Win Big at an Online Casino

Written by: Jeremy Olson, OUSC Online Casino and Games Expert
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How to win big at the casino

As the saying goes, Las Vegas wasn’t built on winners. Land-based and online casinos have an advantage and use this edge to beat the average player. However, you don’t have to settle for being the average player.

You can boost your odds of winning big at online casinos with the right approach. While you may not gain a long-term advantage, you can reduce the house edge to a razor-thin margin.

This guide covers ten tips to improve your odds of beating online casino games.

What Does a Big Win at a Casino Mean?

Every online casino player dreams of hitting the jackpot and receiving a high payout. But what exactly defines a “big win” at a casino? The answer depends on the particular game you want to play.

The following standard guidelines provide an idea of what can be considered large payouts for different games.


For real money slots, a big win would be 100x the stake for a regular win or a $1,000+ jackpot. Of course, some slots offer 100,000x payouts and multimillion-dollar progressive jackpots.


At blackjack, winning 10x your starting bankroll would be considered a large payout. For example, a $100 bet turns into a $1,000 win.


For baccarat, a large payout would be the equivalent of winning 10x your starting bankroll.


Receiving a 10x your initial bankroll constitutes a big win in a craps game.

Video Poker

A large payout for video poker would be winning 1,000 credits (on a 5-credit bet) or a $500+ jackpot.

How to Win Bigger and More Often When Gambling Online

We can’t provide magical tips that guarantee winnings. However, the following advice will help you reduce the casino’s edge and hopefully win more money in the long term.


The Odds Are Stacked Against You

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The last thing you want to do is be overconfident when gambling at an online casino. Just because you know strategy doesn’t mean you’ll win.

Gaming sites take great care to ensure they hold a long-term edge in each game. That said, you want to be realistic about your chances of winning — even as a knowledgeable player.


Pick Your Casino Games Wisely

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You can’t move from a blackjack table to a slot machine and expect the same odds of winning. Online blackjack typically carries less than a 1% house edge versus a 3–5% house advantage for online slots.

It would be best to choose suitable games and bets to increase winnings. Regarding wagers, a craps pass line wager (1.41% house edge) is superior to a hard 4 (11.11%).


Look at Slot RTP, Volatility & Progressive Jackpots

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Online slots don’t usually offer the most incredible odds, but they’re still attractive due to their jackpots and bonuses.

Therefore, you might want to play slots despite their high house edges. When doing so, you should consider the following factors.

  • RTP – You should seek online slots with at least 96% RTP (4% house edge), preferably higher.
  • Volatility – Highly volatile slots typically offer the most significant prizes but create more short-term unpredictability.
  • Progressive jackpot – Progressives add excitement to slots, with some online jackpots worth six or seven figures.

Pick the Best Tables

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Some online casino table games feature different rules, variations, and house edges. For example, the house edge for online blackjack can vary from 0.3% to 1.5%, depending upon the table rules.

Before playing, consider researching a table game’s rules and available variations. The correct game and wagers will boost your chances of winning money.


Learn Game Strategy

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You can maximize your odds by learning strategies for relevant table games. For instance, craps strategy involves knowing which bets have the lowest house edges.

Blackjack requires understanding when to hit, stand, double down, or split.

Your strategy knowledge directly impacts your long-term winnings.


Don’t Chase Your Losses

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Nobody wants to end an online gambling session as a loser. However, you don’t want to chase losses in pursuit of breaking even. That might cause you to lose even more money.

Instead, we suggest you set a stop-loss limit, for example, $50, and quit the session when you reach this point.


Take Frequent Breaks

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Online gaming can be so entertaining that it makes you lose all concept of time. That said, you should make it a point to take regular breaks.

Walking away for a bit will help you feel mentally refreshed to make better decisions.

Setting your phone alarm for 30 or 60-minute intervals is an excellent way to accomplish this.


Stay Away From Side Bets

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Side bets can be attractive when they offer large payouts. However, they’re often “sucker bets” due to their high house edges.

Baccarat provides excellent examples of terrible side bets. For instance, Lucky 8 features a 13.65% house edge on the player’s hand and a 16.60% advantage on the banker.


Stay Away From Betting Systems

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Betting systems are attractive because they can manipulate short-term winnings. For instance, the Martingale seems like an excellent strategy because it frequently wins your losses back.

But the problem with the Martingale and other casino betting systems is that they don’t overcome the house edge.

You still face the same long-term odds no matter how well a system performs temporarily.


Take Advantage of Casino Bonuses

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Online casino bonuses are a safety net if you lose the original deposit. A $100 bonus, for example, would kick in after you lose the initial funds.

You can withdraw bonus funds after meeting the rollover and wagering requirements. Remember, always review a promotion’s terms and conditions.

We suggest capitalizing on casino bonuses whenever possible. You might as well utilize these safety nets if you’re going to play online casino games anyways.

Biggest Online Casino & Jackpot Wins

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Winning big bucks is every casino player’s dream, but fortune only smiles on a select few. Every month, lucky gamblers take home huge payouts from online casino games.

Check out our list of the biggest casino and jackpot winners and dream big!

Follow These Tips & Collect Big Casino Winnings!

Want favorable rules, low house edges, and significant potential payouts? The best real money online casinos provide all the ingredients for an unforgettable winning session.

Again, no tips or advice will guarantee winnings. However, the goal is to do whatever you can to give yourself a better chance.

Our ten tips will improve your fortunes and, hopefully, lead to more wins. At worst, you’ll minimize losses and extend your bankroll and gaming entertainment.

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