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Written by: Webster Lupton, Casino, Gambling, and Sports Journalist
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Instant win games are great if you don’t have the time or inclination to grind out a challenging, skill-based triumph. You can drop in, try your luck, and go. They come in different forms, and some are more instant than others.

For example, you can buy a Pick 4 ticket with the state lottery, but you have to wait all day or maybe all week for the drawing. However, you can buy a scratch-off card and know if you won before you leave the store.

Online instant win games are truly instant. You’ll place a bet and know if you win with the click of a button. There are no decisions to make and no previous knowledge needed to play. You can get the entire bingo drawing at once or reveal all spaces on a virtual scratchcard with the shake of a mouse. 

What Are Instant Win Games?

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An instant-win game is a game of chance in which you learn the outcome immediately. You can find them at carnivals, casinos, bars, restaurants, and even in the streets, like the old shell game or three-card monte.

Online, they come in the form of flashy slot machines, themed scratch-offs, virtual pull tabs, colorful bingo options, and on-demand keno draws.

Free Instant Win Games Where You Win Real Money

Sometimes you’ll find free instant-win games, but since nothing is truly free, they usually require other activities. Like some sites let you enter a sweepstake or drawing, but you may have to fill out a survey to qualify.

There are also contests, with the only rule being to provide your name and email, but you should expect a shower of marketing messages to hit your inbox in the following days.

Play Instant Win Games Online

Here are some games that pay out quickly and don’t rely on any other strategy than the bet amount. You can find them at our top-rated online casinos and immediately see any winnings you earn reflected in your account.

Scratch Cards

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Online scratch cards are the quickest of the instant win games. You buy a card with nine or more scratch spaces and win a prize for matching the symbols you reveal.

The awards range from even money to thousands of dollars, depending on your wager. Some of these also have bonus features that offer even more cash.

DuckyLuck Casino
DuckyLuck Casino
500% up to $7,500


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This classic parlor game got its legs through carnivals and church fundraisers. These days, online bingo is a high-energy game with drawings that can get revealed instantly.

You buy virtual cards with numbered spaces, and a series of drawn numbers get blotted off automatically. If the matches on your card form a line or pattern, then “Bingo!” you’re an instant winner. 

300% up to $4,500


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It only takes a single spin to win, and online slots are known for life-changing jackpots. You set your bet, click spin, and you know if you hit a prize-winning combination within seconds.

The variety of virtual slot machines is almost endless these days, so there is at least one game out there that you’ll like. Plus, the bonus features make for an exhilarating time.

Bovada Casino
Bovada Casino
125% up to $3,750

Pull Tabs

Online Pull Tabs Icon

Online pull tabs are just like the small tickets you can get at bars and convenience stores. They are virtual strips that players peel back to reveal various prizes.

You can bet anywhere from $1.25 to $25, and the prizes can be up to $10,000. Like other casino games, whatever you win is in your account immediately.     

BetUS Casino
BetUS Casino
150% up to $3,000


Online Keno Icon

The rounds are pretty fast in bars and restaurants, but online keno is even quicker since you don’t have to wait for the drawing to start. You simply select your numbers and click go.

The number of spots you pick determines your paytable and the more numbers you hit, the bigger your prize. All winnings go into your account right away.    

DuckyLuck Casino
DuckyLuck Casino
500% up to $7,500

Instant Win Sweepstakes

Real Money Online Casino Jackpot

Sweepstakes are prize drawings often employed to get people to buy a product or participate in an activity. Once in a while, online casinos might offer instant sweeps or raffles among their bonus promotions.

These daily draws are often free and offer prizes other than cash, such as a gift card or another physical gift. 

Make Your Day With Fast Cash

The quick reveal is the most straightforward way to gamble. You don’t have to strategize or calculate your chances; just leave everything to Fate or Lady Luck. Give it a try online – the odds aren’t bad, and the winnings can be super.

The best thing is you don’t have to wait until you get home. They’re great games for playing online with a mobile device. You can pick up a quick winner or two at an online casino while in line at the grocery store, in a cab, or while waiting in the lobby at the dentist’s office.

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