If Netflix Characters Played Online Casino Games

Written by: Sadonna Price, OUSC Expert in Online Casinos and Poker
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Netflix Characters Play Online Casino Games

Unless you are living deep in the hills without internet service, you are most likely watching Netflix. Over the past few years, this popular streaming service has become a fan favorite for reality shows, movies, and old television series. Due to the social distancing measures, more people than ever are watching Netflix, with everyone talking about the most trendy shows and movies. 

With this in mind, the OUSC team started thinking about what online casino games our favorite Netflix characters would play. Would Joe Exotic from Tiger King be more of a poker guy or a blackjack player? Keep reading to find out.

Which Online Casino Game Would Netflix Characters Play?

Below are a few of the most beloved Netflix characters and what casino games we think they would love. Which character do you relate to most? 

Joe Exotic – The Over-the-Top King of Craps

Joe Exotic Netflix Character Play Online Casino Games

Let’s start with the Tiger King, Joe Exotic. The Netflix hit made waves throughout the globe. Everyone knows who Joe Exotic is along with Carol Baskins. 

We think Joe would love to play a round of online craps. He would be jumping around at home as he throws the dice in the hopes of a win to buy even more tigers for the zoo. Channel your Joe Exotic and try online craps at BetOnline Casino today!

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Carol Baskins – The Quirky Cat and Slot Lover

Carol Baskin Netflix Character Play Online Casino Games

Hey, all you cool cats and kittens! While we are on the subject of Tiger King, why not include Carol Baskins on the list. You either love her or hate her, with most people suspecting that she fed her former husband to the tigers. 

We see Carol spinning the reels and playing online slots for real money. She has a quirky personality, so she would most likely choose the odd slot games, especially those that feature cats.

If you’re a fan of adventure-filled online slot games, head over to El Royale and choose from their large selection of slot titles.

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Geralt – The White Wolf Meets Roulette

Geralt Netflix Character Play Online Casino Games

The Witcher is another popular option on Netflix, with well over 76 million views. Based on a popular video game, Henry Cavill plays the role of Geralt, the main character. He is an introvert by nature and usually speaks to no one or grunts as he moves through his journey. 

We can see Geralt playing real money online roulette silently at home while he places his bet and watches intently as the wheel spins around. If he earns a win, he just grunts and plays again!

We see him playing at Wild Casino, where there are options for traditional roulette and live dealers, though Geralt will most likely stick to classic gaming to avoid talking to anyone. 

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Hopper – The Brave Blackjack Player

Hopper Netflix Character Play Online Casino Games

Perhaps one of the most endeared characters from Stranger Things, Hopper is the lovable and protective cop that we can’t get enough of. Everyone cheers for the gruff cop who struggles to raise Eleven as well as take care of the town. 

When it comes to gambling, we think Hop would enjoy a little online blackjack. It is a simple game that he can play quickly, logging online late at night once the day is done, and Eleven is in bed.

Hop would enjoy playing a round of blackjack for real money while having a drink at the log cabin table, logging on to Red Dog for a quick game! 

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Klaus Hargreeves – The Video Poker Rebel

Klaus Netflix Character Play Online Casino Games

The funniest and quirkiest character from the Umbrella Academy, Klaus, is quickly a favorite among viewers. Those who did not watch Umbrella Academy quickly catch up. The powerful hero shows growth throughout the first season and is always ready for a good time.

We see Klaus logging on to Slots Empire and playing quick sessions of video poker games. He likes a good card game and uses his skills to pick the right cards to earn a winning hand! 

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Which Netflix Character Are You?

Are any of these your favorite characters? While social distancing, watching movies, and television shows certainly helps pass the time. Consider signing up at one of our recommended online casinos to play real money games based on your favorite Netflix character.

If your favorite character did not make a list, what game do you think they would play? Try it. Who knows, you may end up hitting the jackpot!

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