Online 3 Card Poker – Strategies to Win Real Money

Online 3 Card Poker Betting Strategy

Online 3 Card Poker is a table game that combines strategy elements of poker with streamlined rules and big potential payouts. Players receive three cards, while the object of the game is to beat the dealer’s three-card hand. Most versions offer a side bet for players who want the chance to win payouts in the 30:1 or 40:1 range. 

Most online casinos offer a version of this poker variant, though it can be hard to spot because several alternate names exist for the game. Keep reading to learn more about real money 3 Card Poker strategies that raise your odds of winning, and a list of recommended online casinos where you can play the game.

Real Money Three Card Poker Betting Strategies 

Want to learn how to improve your chances of winning at online 3 Card Poker? This game includes real strategy, though it is simple to learn and easy to execute. Players need to know the relative strength of hands in poker to employ these strategies, but no other basic knowledge is required. 

  1. Raise with a Q/6/4 or Better

    If you hold a Queen-Six-Four hand or stronger, optimal strategy dictates you raise your bet. Remember that poker hands are scored high card first, then 2nd-highest card second, so a Q/7/3 is stronger than Q/6/4.

  2. Don’t Mimic the Dealer

    Many players follow the leader of the dealer – that is, raising on a Queen or better. Avoid this mistake, because it lowers your odds compared to the strategy above.

  3. Find the Best Pair Plus Odds

    Don’t play at online casinos that pay out less than 40:1 on the Pair Plus bet. Our recommended casinos all have standard payouts for the popular side bet.

How to Play a Hand of Online 3 Card Poker

If you’re just starting to play, take a look at these basic tips and terms before playing Three Card Poker for real money.

  1. Place Bets

    Each hand begins by placing an Ante Bet and a Pair Plus Bet. The Ante Bet is required, though the Pair Plus Bet is optional.

  2. The Deal

    The dealer deals three cards to you face-down. Look at your cards and decide whether to raise your bet.

  3. Raise or Fold

    Continuing in the hand requires you to raise by making a bet equal to the Ante Bet. The optimal strategy suggests raising if you hold a Queen-6-4 or better.

  4. Showdown

    If you fold, the hand is over. If you raise, then the house (dealer) reveals its card. The dealer must hold a Queen-high or better to qualify for the hand.

  5. Payouts

    If the dealer fails to qualify, then the player receives a 1:1 payout on the Ante Bet, and the play wager (Raise) is returned to you. If the dealer qualifies and your hand is better, you receive a 1:1 payout on the Ante Bet and Raise bet. If the dealer’s hand is better, you lose both bets.

  6. Pair Plus Bet

    If you made the Pair Plus bet, you receive a payout if you hold a pair or better. The less common the hand you hold, the higher the payout. A straight flush typically pays 40:1.

Best Online Casinos to Play Real Money 3 Card Poker

We narrowed down the list of the best online casinos for Three Card Poker to the following five real money casino sites. Each offers one or more versions of the game with bets as low as $1. High rollers can play for up to $500 a hand, which takes about a minute to play at most sites. No US-friendly online casinos offer a live dealer version of 3 Card Poker. 

#1BetOnline$1 – $500100% up to $3,000Play Now!
#2Wild Casino$1 – $500$5,000 Welcome BonusPlay Now!
#3Bovada$1 – $500100% up to $3,000Play Now!
#4Cafe Casino$1 – $500350% up to $2,500Play Now!
#5MyBookie$1 – $500150% up to $750Play Now!


BetOnline Real Money Three Card Poker

BetOnline Casino offers 3-Card Poker with bet limits between $1 and $500. It also features a game called Triple Edge Poker with bet limits between $1 and $100 that includes the familiar Pairs Plus side bet. Put into practice some of the strategies mentioned above, and you just might win a nice real money prize!

BetOnline Casino
BetOnline Casino
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Wild Casino

Wild Casino Real Money Three Card Poker

Wild Casino has Betsoft’s version of Triple Edge Poker. The Ante Bets pay between up to 5 to 1, while the Pair Plus bet pays up to 40 to 1. Bovada offers generous online casino bonuses for new players, as well as attractive promotions for loyal members.

Wild Casino
Wild Casino
New Players Claim $5,000 Welcome Bonus


Bovada Casino Real Money Three Card Poker

Bovada features Tri Card Poker, a version of 3-Card Poker with bet limits between $1 and $500. This game includes a Pairs Plus side bet with payouts as high as 40 to 1. Visit this top-rated online casino today and play some poker for a chance to win real money prizes.

Bovada Casino
Bovada Casino
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Cafe Casino

Cafe Casino Real Money Three Card Poker

Cafe Casino offers two versions of Tri Card Poker: the classic version and a newer version with enhanced sounds and graphics. Both have bets between $1 and $500. This reputable online casino offers exclusive deals for members to take advantage of. Visit the site today, and who knows, you might take home a nice cash win.

Cafe Casino
Cafe Casino
Play Now and Receive 350% up to $2,500


MyBookie Real Money Three Card Poker

MyBookie offers Triple Edge Poker, the version of 3-Card Poker designed by Betsoft Gaming. Bets range between $1 and $500.

If you want to play at a safe and fun casino site, you can’t go wrong with MyBookie. 

MyBookie Casino
MyBookie Casino
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Place Your Bets and Play Online Three Card Poker Today!

If you enjoy poker, but don’t want to play with a table full of people, Three Card Poker is an excellent alternative. Use our list above to find the game at each site, since game designers each give the game a slightly different name. Pick one of our recommended online casinos, read our strategy section, and place your bets!

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