Online Casino Games That Christmas Characters Would Play

Christmas Movie Characters Online Casino Games

The holiday season is upon us, and at OUSC, we could not be more excited! This time of year is filled with family time, holiday movies, and good food. Online casino games are especially fun during the holidays as there are a lot of games that focus on Christmas themes.

With all this talk about the holidays, we got to thinking about our favorite Christmas movie characters. Wouldn’t it be fun to see our favorite characters playing slot games? Like Buddy the Elf or Scrooge? Take a look below as we imagine what our favorite characters would play at an online casino.

Buddy the Elf – The Jolly Reel Spinner

Buddy Slot Player

Played by Will Ferrell, Buddy the Elf is the main character from the 2003 hit movie Elf. Buddy taught us many life lessons, including “the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” Buddy is super excited about Christmas, so we think he would love to play real money online slot games.

Can you imagine Buddy jumping up and down after a slot win? Even if it is just a few dollars, Buddy is always big on smiles and energy. He would live it up watching as the reels spin again and again. Channel your inner Buddy and spin the reels at Cafe Casino today!

Cafe Casino
Cafe Casino
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Harry Lyme – The Sly and Scheming Blackjack Player

Harry Lime Sly Blackjack player

This Home Alone classic character is nothing but trouble. Showing up as a policeman to check homes in the neighborhood, Harry is set to wreak havoc on unsuspecting homeowners by robbing them blind. Little does he know, Kevin McAlister is not to be messed with, and trouble awaits as he tries to burglarize the McAlister home.

We imagine Harry would keep up his sneaky ways and try to use card counting skills to play online blackjack. Of course, this won’t work, but Harry will try his best to beat the system by using any trickery he can come up with. Visit our top-rated casino site, BetOnline, and play your favorite real money blackjack games.

BetOnline Casino
BetOnline Casino
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John McClane – The Hardcore Christmas Poker Hero

John McClane Poker Player

Played by Bruce Willis, John McClane of Die Hard is an unsuspecting favorite movie character and oddly associated with Christmas. The movie is set during the holiday times with John ready to save the day. Facing off against an evil terrorist, John McClane is the Christmas hero we never knew we needed.

Because the hero is hardcore, we imagine he would log online to play a little Three Card Poker during his spare time. He would take down huge pots while showing off his bluffing skills. If you want to get in on the poker action, head over to Ignition Casino and go all in!

Ignition Casino
Ignition Casino
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Clark Griswold – National Lampoon’s Favorite Roulette Player

Clark Griswold Roulette Player

Perhaps the most beloved Christmas movie character of all-time, Clark Griswold, played by Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, brings us all into the holiday season. Not a Christmas goes by when we don’t watch as the Griswold family Christmas faces problem after problem.

When Clark needs a break from his family, we imagine he would like to relax by playing a little live dealer roulette. He enjoys the thrill of choosing red or black, hopefully choosing well to earn a payday. Test your luck at the roulette wheel at Wild Casino today!

Wild Casino
Wild Casino
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Cousin Eddie – The Clueless, But Lucky, Craps Player

Cousin Eddie Craps Player

Also from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Cousin Eddie is an unforgettable Christmas character. Played by Randy Quaid, Cousin Eddie is the epitome of crazy family members.

Due to his lack of tact and horrible taste in clothing, we imagine Cousin Eddie would spend his time playing online craps. Eddie will roll the dice, bet on the worst odds possible, but probably manage to earn a win anyway. Visit MyBookie and roll the dice for real money wins!

MyBookie Casino
MyBookie Casino
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Scott Calvin – The Reluctant Yet Jolly Bingo Player

Scott Calvin Christmas Characters Onl

Played by Tim Allen, Scott Calvin is a divorcee’ who soon becomes Santa Clause after the big guy falls off his roof. In the movie, we watch as Scott is in denial that he is turning into the jolly man until he learns just how beautiful being Santa will be.

With such a low cost to play and the opportunity to win big, we think Scott would like to play real money bingo. He doesn’t have to “believe” too much to earn a win. With the help of his trusty elves, Scott, aka Santa, could easily play multiple cards at once. Get in the holiday spirit and play some bingo at Bovada!

Bovada Casino
Bovada Casino
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Marv – The Tenacious Burglar With The Scratchies

Marv Merchants Christmas Characters Online Casino Games

We all know Marv. He is the tenacious burglar in the Home Alone movies played by Daniel Stern. No matter how much Kevin causes him harm, he still comes back, again and again, to try and teach him a lesson.

Because of his tenacity, we think Marv would spend his extra time playing real money scratch cards. He would scratch a few and win a little, scratching even more in the hopes of earning some cash. Eventually, his perseverance would pay off, and Marv would take home a huge real money prize. Visit today and play some scratchies online! Casino Casino
Play Today and Claim Claim up to $7,500

Which Christmas Movie Character Are You?

These are just a few of our favorite Christmas movie characters and how we imagine they would like to spend the holidays at an online casino. Spend a little time playing your favorite casino games this holiday season at our recommended online casinos and have a laugh thinking about which characters would enjoy your favorite games!

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