Top 6 Online Casino Myths Debunked

Online Casino Myths and FactsEven though millions of people enjoy online gambling, casino sites tend to have an overall bad reputation. While it is natural for players to be skeptical of online gaming, the industry has been in operation for over two decades.

Reputable online casinos like BetOnline or Bovada provide quality entertainment for fans of slots, table games, and live dealer. If you have avoided online casinos due to rumors or false information, we are about to change your mind.

Infographic Online Casino Myths vs Facts

Most Common Myths About Online Gambling Debunked

Learn more about common online casino myths below and see how we debunk them so you can learn the truth.

Myth #1: Online Casino Games Are Rigged

Craps Dice icon Since players are not at a physical slot machine or in front of a dealer, many feel that the games have to be rigged in favor of the house. However, this is not true. Legal online casinos offer game history so players can run the results via an algorithm to see if any discrepancies exist based on general gaming odds.

Casino software suppliers use the latest technology as well as resources on auditing to ensure that every game is accurate and reliable. Companies like eCogra offer testing certifications and give online casinos a seal of certification if their games are fair.

Myth #2: Online Casinos Do Not Payout

Cash Back iconMany fans of casino games are often unsure about playing for real money at an online casino because they fear they will not be paid their winnings. For the most part, online casinos do pay out winnings. Just like with online shopping, there are issues of nonpayment.

When signing up for an online casino, be sure to find a reputable operator. Our list of reviewed casino sites gives you insight on the best options for online gameplay. You can rest easy knowing that any winnings you earn will be paid. Online casinos with top ratings follow strict guidelines and rules when it comes to paying their members.

Myth #3: Online Gambling Creates Addiction

Mindset iconWhile there is a danger to becoming addicted to gambling no matter how you play, online gambling does not have a higher rate of addictive behavior. Some people feel that online casinos want to exploit their users by getting players to take part in addictive gambling behavior patterns. However, this is not the case.

To help with any addiction issue, online casinos provide resources to ensure that they create a safe gambling environment for their members. Reputable sites will push responsible gaming practices to ensure the wellbeing of every player.

Myth #4: If You Win Win Too Much the Games Freeze

Caution iconThere are some people who believe that if you’re on a winning streak at an online casino, the operator will freeze the games. Players feel that the online casino has more control over the games and how they are operated online.

This is far from the truth. A reputable casino site takes great pride in their gaming software with update taking place often to ensure games run smoothly without interruption.

Myth #5: Win More With Free Play Games

Free iconAt many online casinos, there is a free play area where players can get a feel of the game before depositing real money. Online slots and table games can be played for a few minutes and if players like it, they can switch to real money.

There’s a common myth that online casinos will set the games up to offer players larger amounts of cash so they will risk their own money playing. This is again, not true! The play money games are operating on the same RNG as the real money option. They come from the same software provider with no components changed.

Myth #6: Online Casino Bonuses Can Never Be Earned

Coins iconMost online casinos offer some type of bonus or promotion to provide their players with incentives, such as free spin codes or bonus cash. Some players complain about how difficult it is to obtain a bonus. They think the bonuses are a scam that casinos use to get players to sign up, but this is simply not true.

Every type of online casino bonus has terms and conditions associated with it. You must read and adhere to all the terms and wagering requirements to be able to cash out. The online casino is being generous by offering bonus deals, but you have to be smart and read all the fine print to be able to cash out what you earn.

What’s Another Online Gambling Myth You’ve Heard?

These are just a few of the myths associated with online casino gaming. Just like anything on the internet, you can’t believe everything you see and read! If you do the right research you will find that top-rated online casinos offer a quality gaming experience.

Legal casino sites provide a fun outlet of entertainment from the comfort of home or on the go. By learning more about these myths and questioning what you read and hear, you can always enjoy your time playing fun online casino games!

The OUSC team wants to know your thoughts. Are there any other online casino myths you’ve heard or read about? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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