Overcoming Problems When Playing at Online Casinos

Written by: Webster Lupton, Casino, Gambling, and Sports Journalist
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Online gambling is fun and problem-free. Well, most of the time. Sometimes technical issues and other hiccups can arise, which can foul up your online casino experience. Fortunately, there are usually things you can do to make it better.

Online Casino Problems and Solutions

Some common problems can arise while playing for real money at online casinos. Keep in mind that online gambling sites are ahead of you and have thought of these issues themselves. You may find a solution by simply reading their support information or FAQ sections.

Can’t Create an Account

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Creating an account involves providing a site with basic information, such as your name, number, and address. Casinos require this for your security and service as well as their records. Make sure the info prompts all get filled out correctly.  

Wrong Physical Location


Being in the wrong place may hold up your gaming session. Even offshore online casinos need to know where you are, and many have restrictions for some countries or states. They use your IP address to determine your location on both desktop and mobile.

Make sure your device’s GPS is working. To fix that, you may have to go to your settings and find “Location.”

Too Much Time & Money

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One of the basic gambling rules is to budget your time and money. Gaming can be addictive, and it is easy to get carried away. Many sites have a Responsible Gambling section that helps you identify a problem and try to correct it.

They will refer you to destinations for help. Some sites even have settings that you can use to alert you to time spent and your betting rate.

Bonus Codes Aren’t Working

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Online gambling sites use bonus codes to separate various offers. You have to fill them out correctly during the deposit process. If a site has an offer you want to use, look for a place where you can enter a code.

Read the bonus rollover and wagering requirements to ensure you are depositing the right amount, using the proper deposit method, and following all the terms and conditions.

Tech issues can be especially frustrating, but you are not totally helpless. Just be patient and deal with these common hitches.

When A Game Isn’t Working

If you have problems downloading a game or it freezes on you, take a deep breath and try these: 

  1. Refresh the Page

    That little arrow circle at the top left of your browser is the first place to go for a solution. Click it, and you may soon be up and running. 
  2. Check your Internet Connection

    You may have a slow or spotty connection, so make sure the cables and wires are in good shape, and the lights are on. Also, your computer or smartphone has a connection indicator and a Network section that may help. 
  3. Try Going to Other Websites

    If the issue is with the site’s server, you will still be able to check your email or visit Youtube. Check other web pages to see if the issue is with the casino specifically.
  4. Clear your Browser Cache

    In your browser settings under Privacy and Security, there is something like a Clear Browsing Data section where you can clear all or any of your browsing history. It may speed things up.
  5. Reboot Your Computer, Modem, and Router

    You may have to reset everything by rebooting to get the system working right. Start with the Wi-Fi router, then the modem, then your device.

A Game Didn’t Pay Out My Winnings!

Winning and not getting paid is obviously a serious issue, especially if you play at a questionable site. It rarely happens at a reputable site, but if it does, quit playing, switch screens, and contact customer support by chat or phone. They may be able to track your game and credit you.

Don’t Hesitate to Contact Customer Support

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If you have exhausted all of the possible solutions at your end or are simply stumped, there are people at the online casino whose job is to serve you.

Go to chat or phone support and seek out their advice. Have all of your information handy (account number, passwords, etc.) and give them as much detail as possible. Then follow their instructions even if it seems like a waste of time.

Avoid Issues by Choosing a Top Online Casino

To paraphrase a familiar saying, stuff happens. It applies to internet gambling as with anything else. A good start to preventing online casino issues is to find a site that you can depend on. Read reviews of casino sites, check forums, and find a reputable home for your online wagering.

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