Online Casinos – Can You Trust Them?

Why Trust Online CasinosAll lasting relationships are built on trust. Reputable online casinos put a lot of effort into gaining and maintaining the trust of their users. As an online player, you are always looking for those casino sites that offer the following factors:

  • Amazing games
  • Attractive bonuses
  • A trustworthy experience

With the goal of learning more about a player’s decision-making process before visiting casino sites, the OUSC team conducted a month-long Online Casino Survey.  We surveyed more than 170 online players regarding their perception of online casinos and what made them trustworthy. We published the results and have summarized here the factors you’re looking for to know if you can trust online casinos.

Top Three Factors That Make Online Casinos Trustworthy

Our survey revealed a number of factors that players consider when choosing a legit online casino. Here are the top three factors people look for to know they can trust a casino.

1. Reliable and Fast Payouts

Payout IconReliable payouts and withdrawals are the number one factor that makes players trust online casinos. About one-third of players surveyed said their top concern is finding a casino that lets them receive their winnings in a timely manner when it’s payout time.

According to our survey, fast payouts are also a sign of honesty and legitimacy. Some casino sites might not have the fastest payouts, but they might have very reliable payouts within a reasonable waiting period (12 – 48 hours). The key is consistency and security.

2. Player Reviews and Site Reputation

Pros and Cons iconThe old saying “your reputation precedes you” takes on a special meaning when players consider online casinos. Around 15% of our surveyees said their main concern is the casino’s reputation.

There are numerous websites where the gambling community can exchange information, experiences, and reviews about online casinos. Countless threads of comments and online casino reviews create a history of every site, making it easier for players to browse and learn about what fellow gamblers have experienced.

3. Site Safety, Security, and Regulations

Safety iconThe main concern of almost 13% of the players we surveyed includes theft of player identities, identity spoofing of operators, and site security. These players look for casinos that offer cutting edge security technology like SSL certificates, 128-bit encryption, and software free of malware.

Players trust casinos that offer safe, secure, and encrypted transactions. One of the most secure payment systems out there right now is bitcoin casino deposits. They have a very complex system that makes it harder to hack or steal than regular methods.

Why Don’t Players Trust Online Casinos?

According to our survey, about 8% of online players don’t trust online casinos whatsoever. They either have lost their faith in casino sites or they never believed the casino industry was trustworthy from the beginning.

Many of the respondents think online casinos operate within an honor system and are unregulated, thus they can’t be trusted. Although only four US states regulate online casino gambling, that does not mean sites are unlicensed.

In most, if not all, cases, online casinos are licensed by gaming regulators outside the US that perform regulatory oversight and third-party audits for payout percentages, security issues, and fairness. Companies like eCogra offer testing certifications, with online casinos earning a seal of certification if they prove fairness within their games.

Can Online Casinos be Trusted - Infographic

Common Online Casino Payment Issues To Watch Out For

Our survey shows that payment issues are the number one reason players don’t trust online casinos. Take a look at the following six types of payment issues that destroy a player’s trust.

  1. Slow Paying

    Players are willing to wait a reasonable amount of time for payments, like 12 to 48 hours. However, casinos lose a player’s trust when they take days, weeks, or even months for a withdrawal.

  2. Low Max Withdrawals

    Sites that have low maximum payouts per week are also losing the trust of their players. Payments in increments as low as $500 a week are a bad sign.

  3. No Payment

    This is the worst case scenario. A site will definitely lose all trust and gain a bad reputation if they refuse to make a payment. Using arcane terms and conditions to refuse payment is usually a sign of a rogue operator.

  4. Terms of Use

    Terms of use and policies that are designed to be violated by players is a huge red alert. Cashiers at this type of operators use all sorts of excuses to void winnings.

  5. Activity Has Been Flagged

    If nothing happens when you’re losing, but when you win money your account is flagged for “suspicious activity”, be suspicious yourself.

  6. Voided Bonuses

    Rogue casinos used one-sided terms and conditions as a weapon to void a bonus or cancel out winnings.

Play at OUSC’s Top-Rated US Online Casinos

As you can see, there are a number of factors players consider when choosing and trusting an online casino. The main factors include reliable and fast payouts, as well as the site’s reputation and security. Rest assured that the OUSC team is focused on reviewing and recommending only the safest and best online casinos for US players.

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