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Golden Gaming owns a chain of local taverns in Las Vegas.  The main brands are PT’s and Sierra Gold.  Each bar owned by Golden Gaming spreads 15 machines.  These devices offer video poker, video slots, real money keno, and blackjack.  Some Golden Gaming taverns also have Star Bar machines.  These offer video poker, slots, keno, craps, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat.  The players club associated with these mini-casinos is Golden Rewards.

How to Receive a Golden Rewards Card

Players may receive a Golden Rewards card from the bartender at any Golden Entertainment tavern.  Players must be at least 21 years of age with a valid photo ID.

Casinos Using Golden Rewards

  • PT’s Pub
  • PT’s Gold
  • PT’s Ranch
  • PT’s Brewing Company
  • Sean Patrick’s
  • Sierra Gold
  • SG Bar

How to Use a Golden Rewards Card

Golden Gaming - Golden Rewards

Every machine in a Golden Gaming tavern has a slot where the player’s card goes.  The machine will welcome you by name once it is accepted.  Players have the ability to change the card of the day, convert points, and claim free play directly on the card reader’s keypad.

Awards Earned by Game

Players earn 0.1% back in free play and 0.2% in food comps while playing any game at a Golden Gaming tavern.

Other Golden Rewards Perks

Players that deposit $20 in a machine receive free drinks as long as $2 per minute is wagered.  Players that deposit $200 and wager about $1,000 in coin-in receive a free meal.  The exact amount required is left to the discretion of the bar manager. Active players receive mailers that include free meals, free play, and point multipliers.

How to Redeem Free Slot Play

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Free slot play offered through mailers must be redeemed through the Golden Gaming app or through a kiosk at a location.  The next step is to go to transfer it to a machine.  This requires a PIN after hitting the “Redeem” button on the Golden Rewards keypad.  Players converting points into free play do not need to use the app or visit the kiosk.  The redemption may be made directly on a machine.

Golden Rewards Return Rate

Golden Gaming players earn 0.1% in free play and 0.2% in free food when using the Golden Rewards card.  This is the same rate for all video poker, slot, keno, and video table games.  Players that use the Golden Rewards card for their William Hill account do not receive points.  William Hill has a separate cashback program.

Golden Rewards Benefits by Tier

Golden Rewards players win free play when another player in the tavern hits a jackpot.  There is a separate bonus for a royal flush, four of a kind of the day, and a keno jackpot.

Royal Flush Free Play Bonus

  • Bronze: $10
  • Silver: $20
  • Gold: $25
  • Royal: $50
  • Royal Elite: $100

Four of a Kind of the Day & Keno Jackpot

  • Bronze: $5
  • Silver: $10
  • Gold: $20
  • Royal: $25
  • Royal Elite: $50

Points Needed for Golden Rewards Tiers

Tiers are awarded based on the number of points earned during a quarter.  Players maintain a tier when it is achieved anytime during a quarter and the following one.  Players start at Bronze.  These are the points needed for the higher tiers.  Players earn one point for every $1 wagered.

Silver Golden Reward Icon

15,000 Points

Gold Golden Reward Icon

50,000 points

Royal Golden Reward Icon

100,000 points

Royal Elite Golden Reward Icon

Royal Elite:
275,000 points

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