The Best Slot Machine Wins Videos

Written by: Jeremy Olson, OUSC Online Casino and Games Expert
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Big slot winners used to only celebrate in solitude or with nearby friends. Thanks to YouTube and Twitch, lucky players can now share their celebrations with the world.

Slot machine wins videos are exciting to watch for any avid player. They allow you to revel in euphoric moments even when the reels aren’t going your way. Winning slot videos also show that big jackpots can happen at any moment. We’ll cover the most exciting real money online slots win videos and discuss how to increase your odds of winning big too.

The 5 Best Winning Slot Videos

Playing slots for real money can bring huge payouts at any time at land-based or online casinos. The following thrilling wins involve a mixture of land-based and online slots jackpots. They even include an OUSC staff member winning big in Las Vegas!


Trainwreck Wins $22.5m on Might of Ra

Slots streamer Trainwreck bagged a massive fortune through Might of Ra. He got a screen full of wilds, leading to the game’s 22,500x maximum payout.

Trainwreck earned $22.5 million thanks to his $100 max bet, the second-biggest online slots jackpot of all time. The latter happened offscreen, though, meaning Trainwreck possesses the highest slot wins YouTube video ever.


Roshtein Hits $16.7m Jackpot on Wanted: Dead or a Wild

Ishmael “Roshtein” Schwartz is the world’s most controversial slots streamer. Many, including Trainwreck, have accused him of only playing online slots with sponsor money rather than his bankroll.

Controversy aside, Roshtein has produced most of the top winning slot win videos. The Swede’s $16.65 million jackpot on Wanted: Dead or a Wild tops his list for winning slot videos.


Xposed Nets $4.7m on Hot Fiesta

Xposed is a high-stakes slots streamer with popular Twitch and YouTube channels. He was betting up to $1,400 per spin on Hot Fiesta when he earned a $4.7 million windfall.

Xposed took advantage of roaming multiplier wilds to build the multimillion-dollar win. He began throwing things around the room and celebrating wildly afterward.


Streamer Wins $680k Jackpot and $1.6m Overall on Dragon Link

Dragon Link slot is a favorite among land-based casino streamers. It features a lucrative bonus round and multiple progressive jackpots. Naturally, it has provided many winnings.

Jackpot Slot Fantasy added one more to the collection by hitting a $680k jackpot. They netted over $1.6 million worth of prizes across their entire casino session.


OUSC’s Barbara Winters Nets Large Win in Vegas

Our very own Barbara Winters—an online casino reviewer—recently booked a significant win in Las Vegas. Winters played Buffalo Grand during her visit and won $1,585 through the game’s bonus wheel.

Her prize may not be the biggest of all time, but it’s still notable. We had to add Barbara to our slot machine wins video since she’s in the OUSC family.

Tips to Win at Online Slots

You may have aspirations of making your slot machine win videos. If so, the following tips can help you collect huge wins and draw viewers. Even if not, you’ll still benefit from the following advice.

Choose High RTP Games

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Return to player (RTP) doesn’t directly impact jackpot sizes. It does, however, affect your long-term winnings.

You’ll win more money and better sustain your bankroll when playing jackpot slots with higher RTP.

Play the Right Slots

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Impressive slot win videos don’t happen on just any game. Notable slot machine wins videos require high-paying slots.

It would help if you found slot games with big progressive jackpots or high maximum wins (e.g., 50,000x the stake).

Prepare for Volatility

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The highest-paying slots are almost always volatile due to their immense win potential.

Therefore, you must prepare for many ups and downs with these games. Cold spells are standard on the path towards slot riches.

Have a Bankroll Management Plan

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Videos and streams are big motivators when chasing big slots payouts. However, you don’t want to let this motivation convince you to bet unreasonable amounts.

The best approach is to have a solid bankroll management plan going into the matter. If you have $500, for example, you could set a $50 stop-loss limit. This limit means quitting at $50 in losses to prolong your bankroll.

Play at Top Casino Sites

Online Casino Reviews Checklist With Top Casinos

The biggest slot wins happen at the best online casinos, where extensive game selections and jackpots are available.

Therefore, we recommend the following online casinos for making memorable winning moments.

Slots Hold a Huge Winning Potential… Provided Luck Works in your Favor

The five slot-winning videos on YouTube that we cover here are a small portion of the massive payouts happening daily. Online slot players are winning serious money every day.

You can join them by playing suitable slot games at top online casinos. We urge you to chase big jackpots—within reason—and create exciting memories.

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