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The Super Bowl is a time for lively parties, great company, exciting football plays, and delicious snacks. It’s also an excellent time to bust out entertaining games, such as Super Bowl bingo

This game is easy to play and doesn’t take your focus away from the football field. Therefore, it’s perfect for general audiences who are into casual games. If you’re seeking a winning game for partygoers, then you can learn more about Super Bowl bingo below.

What is Super Bowl Bingo?

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This game features a standard 5×5 card with a free space in the middle. It plays like regular online bingo, with you marking squares as they come up. The difference, though, is that it uses Super Bowl-related words rather than numbers for the spaces

The words differ based on the variation. You can use Super Bowl bingo cards with player names, football events (e.g., touchdown, holding penalty), or commercials. 

Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

Super Bowl commercial bingo is perhaps the most prevalent variation. It works for many crowds because it doesn’t require extensive football knowledge. Instead, you need to watch the commercials and mark relevant spaces as they happen.

To not draw attention away from the gridiron action, you only play this version of the game during the commercial breaks. Here’s an example of words used for this game.

  • Bud Light
  • Coke
  • Doritos
  • E-Trade
  • Mountain Dew
  • Pepsi
  • Snickers
  • Toyota

How to Play Super Bowl Bingo

The following steps explain the basics of playing Super Bowl bingo.

  1. Get the Super Bowl Bingo Cards

    Free, downloadable Super Bowl bingo cards are available online. You should make sure to get the latest cards, though, so that they are relevant. For this year’s Super Bowl, for example, you’d want updated cards for 2023.
  2. Explain the Rules to Everybody

    Super Bowl bingo offers rule variations. You want to make sure everybody knows and agrees upon the rules beforehand. For instance, you should establish how many games an individual can win during the party.
  3. Mark Off Squares as Images Appear

    When one of the situations shown in your card happens during the game, mark off the corresponding square.  It’s important to pay close attention to what is happening during the live game.
  4. Play Until a Winner Is Determined

    Winners mark off five squares in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal pattern like regular bingo. You can also use four corners as a winning pattern. After each win, you start the game over and play again and again until the Super Bowl ends.

Super Bowl Bingo Cards

The OUSC team designed these exclusive Super Bowl bingo cards for you to download and enjoy! Remember to mark off the squares each time one of the situations shows up on your television screen. Whoever marks the winning patterns first can shout BINGO!

Super Bowl Bingo Cards One
Super Bowl Bingo Cards Four
Super Bowl Bingo Cards Three
Super Bowl Bingo Cards Two

Download these bingo cards here.

Top Online Bingo Games

If you like playing Super Bowl bingo, you should check out these popular online casino bingo games.


Bingo Cataratas

Online Bingo Cataratas

Bingo Cataratas features one of the best themes among this specialty game. It follows an adventurer as he explores a jungle and waterfall.

Playable from $0.10 to $10, Bingo Cataratas sees you play the Lucky Wheel Bonus after scoring a win. The spinning wheel will determine your prize value.

Wild Casino, which hosts Bingo Cataratas, features 400+ other casino games. The welcome bonus offers up to $5,000 over your first five deposits.

Wild Casino
Wild Casino
100% up to $5,000

Bonus Bingo

Bonus Bingo Specialty Game Logo

Bonus Bingo allows you to play four cards at one time. You can activate and deactivate cards at any point, with betting options for each card ranging from $0.20 to $4.

The “bonus” aspect comes in through multipliers, joker balls, and a “Roll of the Dice” bonus round. The latter provides the chance to earn up to a 150x win multiplier.

As for Las Atlantis Casino, it features a massive welcome bonus and feeless payouts.

Las Atlantis Casino
Las Atlantis Casino
280% up to $14,000

Video Bingo

Video Bingo Logo

Video Bingo seems like a basic game on the surface. However, it stands out by allowing you to play eight cards simultaneously. You can bet anywhere from $0.25 to $2 per card. Video Bingo is worth trying if you want a classic variation with lots of action.

BetUS Casino boasts over 400 games and up to a $3,000 welcome bonus. It also features an extensive sportsbook if you’re into sports betting.

BetUS Casino
BetUS Casino
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Play Super Bowl Bingo With Family & Friends!

Games or no games, the Super Bowl is always a fun time. However, you can make it even more memorable by playing Super Bowl bingo with your friends. This game is one that anybody can get into, regardless of their football knowledge. It offers simple rules and fast-paced action as everybody starts marking squares during the commercials.

The excitement doesn’t have to end after the Super Bowl. You can enjoy our recommended online bingo games at any time throughout the year. You’ll also be eligible for big bonuses at the respective casinos.

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