Take The World By Storm With Spinfinity Man Online Slot

Spinfinity Man Online Slot

It’s the moment online slots fans across the world have been waiting for. Betsoft has released its highly anticipated new slot title, Spinfinity Man. Heroes are not born, they are made – and in Spinfinity Man, you are given the chance to become a hero where your superpowers can save lives and make you super rich!

Spinfinity Man Slot – Become the Hero You Were Meant to Be

Spinfinity Man Online Slot Game Board

This 7×7 reel online slot game features a high-quality HD background adorned with superhero-themed imagery that makes you feel like you are part of the comic-book adventure. In this cluster-based, cascading game, groups of more than four of the same symbols explode to form winning combinations with different prizes.

Power Up Your Play

Spinfinity Man Online Slot Super Powers

With each animated 2×2 symbol, you can activate one of Spinfinity Man’s special powers that have the ability to change the entire dynamic of the game in a single sweep. Aside from it being totally awesome to watch our hero do his thing, this feature truly keeps the game interesting as you never know when your luck may change.

During each game, Spinfinity Man will be assigned randomly-chosen powers. They range from Laser Eye Beams that burn away either a full column or row of symbols to Icy Breath that can freeze and shatter both small and large clusters of symbols. Each of these powers triggers new cascades and launches a selection of big wins.

With Power Comes Superfandom

Spinfinity Man Online Slot Fan Girl Fame

Every superhero needs a fanbase, and Spinfinity Man is no exception. During every adventure, our man is followed by his devoted fangirl who lives in constant hope of snapping a selfie with her beloved Savior.

Whenever she gets one, a cluster of symbols will immediately pop and trigger a huge cascade of prizes.

Superhero Vs. Supervillain

Spinfinity Man Online Slot MrX

No comic book adventure would be complete without an evil super-villain at hand to challenge our hero. In this Betsoft Gaming original title, Spinfinity Man’s arch-nemesis, Mr. X, makes regular appearances on the board, and it’s your job to catch him before he can cause any trouble.

Catch Mr. X in the act and you can enter a bonus round filled with chances to win even more prizes – but be careful, it’s not as easy as it sounds (but it’s a lot of fun).

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Save the World and Play Spinfinity Man Online Slot Today!

Sometimes, playing the game for yourself is the only way to find out just how good it is. Fortunately, you can find this exciting online slot at one of our top-rated online casinos, BetOnline today. So, if you feel like having some fun while saving the world and lining your pockets, go and give Spinifinty Man a go now.

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