Top 10 Casinos To Play Blackjack In Las Vegas


When it comes to playing blackjack in Las Vegas, the options are endless. Every casino in Sin City offers blackjack gaming. Who provides the best game selection? Where can you find the lowest house edge and most entertaining games? At OUSC, we took to Las Vegas streets to find out where players should go for blackjack gaming. With our exclusive Las Vegas Blackjack Survey, we were able to find the best casinos to visit to find the best blackjack tables.

We found that many of the MGM Casinos located in South Las Vegas Strip are the best of the best when it comes to blackjack gaming during our research. In general, the casinos operated by MGM Resorts are considered the best in Las Vegas and around the world. From the Aria to the MGM Grand, the MGM brand’s casinos provide the best house edge, blackjack variants, and quality rules for an enjoyable experience.

Best Blackjack Casinos in Las Vegas

The following Las Vegas casinos offer the best gameplay experience for real money blackjack enthusiasts:

1. Aria

aria casino

One of our top recommendations for blackjack gaming in Las Vegas, the Aria offers games for high rollers and mid-range players. Take part in $100 tables that stand on all 17s or play six-deck blackjack with surrender and re-split aces rules.

Most blackjack games here pay 6-5 odds, with $15 Blackjack Switch on offer. The lowest house edge at the venue is 0.25532%.

2. Excalibur

excalibur casino

The blackjack rules at Excalibur are relatively standard for casinos belonging to MGM. Players will find three quality options for blackjack games, including the $25 double-deck game that allows for a double down before and after splitting.

Blackjack Switch is on offer with $10 minimums and six-deck offering a $15 minimum bet. The lowest house edge at the casino is .58000%.

3. Luxor

luxor casino

Two versions of blackjack are offered at this Las Vegas casino—the double-deck and the eight-deck version. Players will find the best game on offer is the $25 double-deck, with high limit games featuring six-decks and $100 minimum wagers.

There is a high limit area for blackjack, but it is only open during peak business hours. The lowest house edge found in the game here is 0.45688%.

4. Mandalay Bay

mandalay bay casino

At the Mandalay Bay, players have access to several blackjack variants. There are two exotic games –  Blackjack Switch and Free Bet Blackjack. On the main casino floor, access $25 games with 3 to 2 payouts.

High limit blackjack has two decks and offers the standard double down option before and after splitting. The lowest house edge found in this game is 0.25532%.

5. MGM Grand

mgm grand casino

When playing blackjack at the MGM Grand, players will find the casino offers the lowest limit stand. There are over 25 tables featuring a six-deck shoe where the dealers are supposed to hit soft 17, so this is the most commonly played Blackjack game at this casino.

During slow periods, tables start with a minimum of $25. Games offer double and six deck rules. The lowest house edge here is 0.25532%.

6. Park MGM

mgm park casino

According to our survey, the Park MGM offers quality blackjack gaming, but are currently under construction as the venue is being remodeled. As of right now, the venue is offering a $25 double-deck during the night-time hours. All games will hit soft 17.

There is a high limit area, but it is closed now during the remodeling phases. The lowest house edge here is 0.45688%.

7. New York-New York

new york new york casino

Low rollers will find the New York New York venue of MGM to be the best for low minimums. The casino currently offers $10 3-2 games and is the only property owned by MGM Resorts that does so.

High limit games with $50 minimums offer surrender and double down options. All blackjack games at the casino hit soft 17. The lowest house edge here is 0.45688%.

8. Bellagio

bellagio casino

For the best blackjack game at this casino, players need to visit the double deck tables. Players can choose to double down before and after splitting. This game has a $100 minimum bet and will stand on all 17s.

During off-peak times, players can find the games for a $50 minimum. Another game on offer that players enjoy is Blackjack Switch. The lowest house edge here is 0.25532%.

9. The Mirage

the mirage casino

At the Mirage, players will find 3-2 payout games with $25 minimum buy-ins. There is a double-deck game with the same $25 minimum with double down allowed before and after splitting. In this game, players hit a soft 17.

When you play the $100 version, the game will stand on all 17s. The lowest house edge here is 0.25532%.

10. Circus Circus

circus circus casino

Circus Circus offers three basic games: single deck, double deck, and a six-deck shoe. At this casino, the venue recently decided to lower the minimum wager for their double-deck game. To play, only a $15 minimum is required.

The game pays 3-2 on blackjack and allows players to double down before and after splitting. This is the best blackjack choice at the venue. The lowest house edge here is 0.45688%.

Best Las Vegas Blackjack Tables

The OUSC team created this exclusive infographic to help our readers better understand where they can find the most popular blackjack tables in Sin City.

Best Blackjack Casinos in Las Vegas

Play Blackjack At Our Recommended Casinos

As you can see, there are many choices when it comes to blackjack at MGM Resorts properties. When visiting any of OUSC recommended casinos in Las Vegas, you can easily find a quality blackjack to enjoy, be it an odd variant or low house edge. Take a look at our Las Vegas Blackjack Survey to see a full rundown of the casinos in Las Vegas. Use the information to your advantage during your next trip to Sin City!

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