What Your Favorite Online Casino Game Says About You

What your favorite casino game says about youWhen it comes to online casino gaming, we all have our favorite games. Some people enjoy spinning the reels while others lean more towards table games. No matter what you like, the type of game you choose says something about your personality.

At OUSC, we decided to have a little fun and break down popular casino gaming categories, giving you an inside look as to what your favorite game says about you. Find your favorite game below and see if we are right!

Does Your Favorite Casino Game Match Your Personality?

Your casino game choices and styles of gambling can offer a deep insight into your personality traits. Read on to find out what your favorite game says about you, as well as at which top-rated US online casino you can play at!

Slots – The Fun-Loving Introvert

Slot Machine iconSlot players tend to be relaxed and fun-loving. These are the type of players who enjoy a laid-back lifestyle, ready to spin the reels online or at their favorite land-based casinos. They seek adventure and excitement but enjoy the relaxed time to themselves that these games can provide.

Slots.lv is our top choice for online slot gameplay as they offer a wide selection of titles. If you’re a fan, you will find this online casino offers 3D slots, video slots, and more. Slots are a perfect option for the casual gambler who just wants to have fun!

Slots.lv Casino
Slots.lv Casino
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Blackjack – The Strategic Risk-Taker

Blackjack pays iconPlayers who enjoy the game of blackjack tend to be risk-takers. The thrill of earning 21 and beating the dealer involves a great deal of risk, especially when money is on the table. Blackjack players are considered to be extroverts and enjoy being in a crowd.

Considering yourself lucky, you get a thrill in creating the best strategies and running the numbers as you make decisions involving the game. The social aspect of the game is another driving force behind why you like playing at the card table.

When it comes to blackjack, we recommend players visit MyBookie Casino. Check under Table Games to find blackjack variants for practice or real money play. Do you prefer live dealer games? Click on the Live Dealer tab to access the live blackjack tables.

MyBookie Casino
MyBookie Casino
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Roulette – The Lone Wolf Thrill-Seeker

La Boule wheel iconPlayers who enjoy the game of roulette are considered introverts. You like to go about your day alone and don’t mind taking a stand at the roulette table by yourself in the hopes of hitting red or black. Players who enjoy roulette are also considered impulsive and may have a hard time pulling away from the table.

Personalities of roulette players can vary. Some may be fearless and bet on a single number each time for high stakes. Others, might take a more conservative approach and lower their bet to avoid a massive loss.

To play online, we recommend players visit BetOnline Casino. Here you can find six roulette games, including a live dealer roulette option for those who like to be in the middle of the action.

BetOnline Casino
BetOnline Casino
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Poker – The Analytical and Competitive Player

Poker Hand iconPoker players are often considered big thinkers and competitive. The game is one that relies more on skill than luck, so players have to be ready to make the next move.

They can be aggressive or analytical, observing how their competitors are playing constantly to be able to make the right game decisions. People who like to play poker are comfortable in social situations and like to showcase their strong analytical skills.

When it comes to poker gaming, players will find a nice selection of games at Bovada. The casino offers a nice variation of poker games including Texas Hold’Em under the Poker tab.

Bovada Casino
Bovada Casino
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Craps – The Outgoing Social Butterfly

Craps Dice iconThe craps table is almost always buzzing with yells and applause. It’s no surprise that craps players are considered the life of the party. These people often enjoy a night out with a special friend or a group of friends and enjoy meeting new people as they throw the dice.

If you want to try your hand at online or live dealer craps, your go-to site is Golden Lion Casino. Easily find the game in the Table Games section, for practice or real money game play. If you are less social and want to try the game, online is the way to do so!

Golden Lion Casino
Golden Lion Casino
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Bingo – The Friendly Optimist

Bingo Game iconBingo players are considered friendly and trustworthy. When you think of bingo players, you most likely think of grandmas marking off their bingo cards. However, the game is fun for both the young and old and can easily be played online or in land-based casinos. Bingo players are optimistic and expect the next big win to be just a number away!

If you are looking for a nice selection of bingo games, Café Casino is the place to visit. Click on the Specialty tab and you will find a strong offering of real money bingo. Games on the roster include American Bingo, Go-Go Bingo, 80 Ball Bingo, and more.

Cafe Casino
Cafe Casino
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You Are What You Play

Overall, online casino games are a fun way to get out of your comfort zone and try other options you might not normally enjoy when visiting a land-based venue. Give any of these real money casino games a try today at our top-rated online casinos to see if you might find a new favorite or one that suits your personality perfectly!

Does your favorite online casino game match up to your personality type? Let us know in the comments section below!

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