Most Popular Casino Games Around The World

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World Tour Of Most Popular Casino Games

Casino games are at the height of an evolution that has gone on for centuries since the first gambling houses began operating in Europe in the 1600s.

The internet age has brought casino games to all corners of the globe. Nowadays, people in more remote areas play casino games as easily as those in major gambling hubs like Las Vegas, Monaco, or Macau.

As this evolution has facilitated casino gambling everywhere, local preferences for specific games have become more evident. Here we will explore the most popular casino games worldwide and the factors influencing regional choices

Favorite Casino Games In Every Continent

The Most Popular Casino Games by Region

Top Games Around The Globe

Most Popular Casino Games Around the World Infographic
Casino Games Around the World Infographic (mobile)

What Factors Influence Local Game Preferences?

Since people love gambling everywhere, the local regulations are often a significant factor in accessing casino gambling and the games they play. A person may like online casino games because that is the only available legit option.

But history, tradition, and economies are also driving forces behind the games people prefer. In some places, for example, the opportunity for social interaction may be why people prefer poker or some table games.

Most Popular Casino Games In The US & Canada

Most Popular Casino Games in the US & Canada

Various laws have primarily driven gambling in North America. Casino games migrated from New Orleans and Mississippi riverboats in the 1800s to the casino Meccas of Las Vegas and Atlantic City in the 1900s.

Native American tribal casinos have dotted the landscape since 1979, and provinces in Canada were allowed to host casinos starting in 1985. 

The earliest land-based casinos helped dictate the most popular casino games on the continent.

While poker has always been a popular social game in America, other games such as blackjack and slots became popular in gambling houses.     

#1 Slots

Slots are an American invention, and though appreciated worldwide, the prevalence of slot games in US casinos has led to their popularity.

Slot machines are the first thing you see when you get off the plane in Las Vegas, and the whirring, ringing machines are all over casino floors. In online casinos, slots are by far the most numerous.

#2 Poker

While not an American invention, poker has been played for centuries in North America. People in the US and Canada have made the draw, stud, and hold ’em versions of the game a tradition in dens and game rooms of homes.

TV tournaments have vastly expanded the popularity of Texas Hold ’em. 

#3 Blackjack

Introduced to North America in the early 1800s, blackjack took hold as a casino game in Las Vegas in the 1950s. It has been a favorite of players at casinos across the continent ever since.

Americans get credit for developing strategies and creating many variants found in online casinos.

#4 Roulette

Its French origins helped roulette start in 19th century New Orleans and helped the popularity of roulette in casinos in Canada. The game has always been a favorite in casinos.

The film industry has also helped roulette’s popularity in America. The game has a feature role in movies like Casablanca, The Big Sleep, and Diamonds are Forever.

Most Popular Casino Games In Europe

Most Popular Casino Games in Europe

Europe is the historic home to casino gambling, and many of Europeans’ most appreciated casino games are related to that tradition. 

While technology and laws have affected how Europeans approach casino games, their preferred games have been played for centuries.

These classic games are prominent in the big casino hubs of Monte Carlo, London, Berlin, Paris, and Prague. Europeans account for nearly half of the global gambling market. 

The UK is the largest of the European gambling markets, mainly because the nation has long acknowledged gambling’s popularity and has made it legal and regulated. Germany and many Baltic countries have loosened their gambling laws in recent years.

#1 Roulette

Roulette can be traced back to when Roman soldiers wagered on sections of spinning wagon wheels. However, modern roulette first appeared in casinos in Paris in the late 18th century.

Europeans have continued to play roulette in land-based and online casinos as a game of glamour and tradition.

#2 Baccarat

According to historians, Baccarat was invented in Italy in the 1400s but then spread to neighboring France in the 1800s. It was there that it became the French card game popular in casinos along with “Chemin de Fer.”

In England, writer Ian Fleming created the character of James Bond, who famously loves a game of Baccarat – and forever sealed its destiny as one of Europe’s trendiest casino games.

#3 Bingo

Bingo has always been a popular parlor game worldwide, but it experienced a surge in the 1960s in Europe, particularly in the UK.

A change in the UK law in 1960 allowed the opening of enormous bingo halls, and the gambling-loving public flocked. Since the turn of the century, more people have migrated to online game versions.

#4 Poker

Poker was popularized mainly in America but had its roots in Europe. Its popularity on the continent today is attributed to TV exposure of Texas Hold ’em tournaments of the 1990s.

When Europeans grabbed it up as an online favorite, large tournaments began being hosted by cities on the continent. Because it requires more skill and strategy than other casino games, the many poker variations remain online favorites with Europeans.

Most Popular Casino Games In Latin America

Most Popular Casino Games in Latam

People in Latin America have gambled for years, but laws are different in each country and contribute to the popularity of various games. The largest markets in Mexico and Brazil have different legal setups.

Casino gambling is still illegal in Brazil, so players go online to offshore sites. The rules in Mexico are less restrictive but licensing is a complex process.

Meanwhile, countries like Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and Panama host or license many offshore online casinos.

Mobile gaming is popular as the only access avenue to online gambling for many players. 

#1 Slots

Latin American players like to bet small for a chance to win big. So, playing slots comes as a natural choice for them.

Players like various themes, but you will always find slots with Mayan, Aztec, or similar Latin American history inspiration.

#2 Poker

The popularity of poker in Latam countries has benefitted from the tournament scene in the north. The World Series of Poker got a lot of attention in Latin America 20 years ago, and the game has been growing in the region ever since.

There was a Latin American Poker Tour for several years, and many countries have made legal exceptions for poker rooms to locate independently and in casinos.

Online poker has also become prevalent in Latin America, and house games like Caribbean Stud are available in most online casinos.

#3 Blackjack

Since land-based casinos are relatively sparse in Latin America, players have adopted online blackjack as a favorite. Therefore, they play all of the variants of the game, from Blackjack Switch to Perfect Pairs and Spanish 21.

Like players worldwide, Latin Americans like blackjack for its combination of simplicity and strategy.  

Most Popular Casino Games In Asia

Most Popular Casino Games in Asia

Tradition and philosophy are significant factors in the most popular Asian casino games. But the economies have been the driving forces in gambling overall.

The continent’s economies have grown at a breakneck pace making India and China major gambling markets. Though gambling is prohibited in most of China, the special status of Macau has made it the biggest gambling city in the world in terms of revenue.

Asian countries also have an assortment of gambling laws, but wagering is generally heavily restricted if not forbidden. Most Asian casino-game lovers turn to foreign-based online casinos.

The popularity of online casino gaming is why you will find so many traditional Asian games at gambling sites.

#1 Baccarat

People in Asian cultures believe in fate, and a winner in baccarat depends on how the cards fall. Players bet before a hand is dealt and leave the rest to the luck.

Baccarat is big online, but it also attracts high rollers in Macau for its low house edge.

#2 Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow poker is a game created in 1985 as the card game version of the traditional Chinese game of Pai Gow played with domino tiles.

People from Asian countries quickly adopted Pai Gow poker as a casino favorite because of the similarities between the two games.

#3 Sic Bo

Sic Bo is another traditional Chinese favorite. Players try to predict what symbols will turn up on a roll of three dice, so it is another game that depends on pure luck.

Due to its popularity in the East, Sic Bo is available at many online casinos.

#4 Keno

Asians are big on numbers, which might explain their love for keno. In keno, players choose up to 20 numbers between 1 and 80, and then a draw determines the winners. 

It is a game that originated in China as a government fundraiser, said to have helped fund the Great Wall. Another game of pure luck, keno is a favorite of Asians for its potential for high returns.

Australians And Their Love For “Pokies”

Pokies Icon

Australians have their own name for what the rest of the world calls slots. They call slot machines “pokies because the first machines that appeared on the continent in the 1950s featured poker card faces on the reels.

Now pokies are practically the national pastime. They are in hotels, fuel stops, pubs, and neighborhood social clubs, and about 600,000 Aussies play at least once a week.

Most Popular Casino Games In Africa

Most popular casino games in Africa

The infrastructure in Africa is different from many other regions, so mobile gaming is more extensive.

There are land-based casinos in South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya, the continent’s largest markets. Only foreigners can gamble in casinos in Morocco, while Ghana is friendlier to online casinos. 

Whether gambling at a local online casino or an offshore casino, players have benefitted from technological advancements. Younger people have driven the African gambling market, with mobile gambling taking the lead.

#1 Scratch Cards

Perhaps because it resembles the lottery, which South Africans love, scratch cards are huge at South African online casinos.

While physical scratch cards may not be widely available at supermarkets or post offices like they used to be, the tradition has continued at online gambling sites.

#2 Slots

Nigerian casinos host a lot of slots, and players have taken up slot games because of the variety of themes and chances at progressive jackpots.

The mobile-friendly features of some slot games also attract online players across the continent.

#3 Blackjack

Blackjack is a favorite at land-based casinos throughout the region. It is also a fast, easy-to-play game for the small screens of smartphone users, which accounts for blackjack’s popularity all around Africa.

Online casinos are vall the rage in South Africa, and blackjack is consistently among the top games played.

A World Tour of Casino Games

A world tour of casino games

Our world tour of the most popular casino games demonstrates that several regional factors motivate people’s preferences. With the large selection of games at online casinos today, there is something for everyone everywhere.

One thing remains universal. People play casino games for fun and the possibility of winning real money prizes.

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