Ultimate Texas Hold’em Glossary of Terms


The amount of money a player plans on wagering in a given game is known as action. It can also refer to the total amount of money on the table, and whose turn it actually is at the table.


The first bet that a player must make in Ultimate Texas hold’em. The ante bet will always be paid out at 1 to 1 if the player wins. When the dealer doesn’t open the ante bet is a push.


A player’s total amount of money that they have set aside to use for Ultimate Texas hold’em is known as their bankroll. Sound bankroll management will result in fewer large swings and will allow for sustainable play over a long period of time.

Basic Strategy

Most games have a simplified strategy that players can follow to lessen the house edge as much as possible. Basic strategy charts are available for Ultimate Texas hold’em and these will provide you with instructions on what action to take pre-flop. After this, there are certain rules for the medium and small bets which occur after the flop and the final two cards respectively.


The amount of money that the player is wagering on a particular hand is known as a bet.

Bet Sizing

This is changing your bet size according to different variables in the game. Generally, this won’t work and will hurt your chances of having a winning session. This is most commonly used in games like blackjack when people are counting cards. It’s sometimes advised by people who claim to have a method of beating a certain game, which we know can’t be done in most cases.

Bet Spread

The difference between your smallest bet and your largest bet is known as the spread.


This is the second bet a player makes in Ultimate Texas hold’em in order to join the hand. The blind bet will match the ante bet. It pays out at a different rate depending on the hand rank that is achieved. It will be a push unless at least a straight is achieved by the player. The player will still win on the blind bet if the dealer doesn’t open and they achieve the minimum hand to qualify for a win.


Once cards are dealt to the player they have the option of checking to see the flop. If they do check they won’t have to make a raise and will get to see the first three cards. After this, they can either raise at two times the amount of the blind or check again and see the final two cards. At this point, they can raise the same amount as the blind, or fold and lose their blind and ante.


Small clay or plastic discs that are used in casinos to represent cash. These are used when making bets on the table and keep things a lot cleaner and easier to manage for players and dealers. It also disassociates the player from real cash when they’re playing, which is something that the casinos love for obvious reasons.

Community Cards

The five cards that are dealt on the table face up for everyone to use in their hand are known as community cards. In Ultimate Texas hold’em the first three are dealt, and then another round of betting takes place before the final two are dealt.


The casino employee that manages the game and deals the cards. In Ultimate Texas hold’em they also have a hand that must be beaten by the player, except when you’re playing the trips bet option.


If you have three or four cards of a certain hand, like a flush or straight, then you’re on a draw to hopefully hit the final cards you need to complete that hand. Drawing to certain hands can determine whether you should raise or not in Ultimate Texas hold’em, in line with basic strategy.

Face Cards

Jacks, queens, and kings are face cards.


The first three community cards that are dealt in the game are known as the flop. Any action that precedes the flop being dealt is referred to as pre-flop action.


A five card poker hand where all cards are the same suit.

Full House

A five card poker hand which consists of a three of a kind and a pair.

Heads Up

If you’re the only player on a table taking on the dealer, then you’re in heads up play because it’s one person against one other.

High Card

The weakest hand you can have in Ultimate Texas hold’em is just a high card. This simply means the highest ranked card you hold is your poker hand. Obviously, you won’t win very often when you just have a high card.

Hole Cards

The two cards you’re dealt initially face down are known as your hole cards. This is because they’re in your hole and aren’t shown to any other players. This doesn’t matter in Ultimate Texas hold’em, like it does in traditional Texas hold’em, as you’re only playing against the dealer and what you hold doesn’t impact anything. Casinos would prefer you not to show other players your hole cards because that gives you information on what the dealer may hold and subsequently what you need to win.

House Edge

The statistical advantage that the casino has over the player in their games is known as the house edge. The edge is generally represented in a percentage form and indicates how many units out of one hundred that the house will absorb from the player in a given game on a long enough timeline. The house edge in Ultimate Texas hold’em ranges from 2.2% to 2.4%, provided at least basic strategy is being used.

Live Dealer

Online poker sites are now offering innovative games where players are connected via video link to a casino floor with an actual dealer, table, and cards. You still bet via an online interface, however, the rest of the gameplay is as it would be in a live casino. Ultimate Texas hold’em has only recently started to be offered as a live dealer game in online casinos.

Live Game

An Ultimate Texas hold’em game that is played in a real bricks and mortar casino is known as a live game. You’ll quite often have to wager much more per hand in a live game than you do in an online game.


If you fail to beat the dealer’s hand then it’s a loss. Additionally, if your hand is so poor by the time all community cards have been dealt that you fold, that’s also a loss.


Odds are the statistical outcome of an occurrence taking place. They also represent what the payout will be for a certain win scenario. It’s always a good idea to have a basic understanding of odds so that you can use them to your advantage when you’re deciding on whether to play at a particular table or make a raise in a given situation.

Online Game

Any Ultimate Texas hold’em game that is played via an online casino is an online game.


The cards that are left in the deck to make a particular hand are known as outs.  By calculating how many outs you have to make a certain hand you can work out your statistical chance of making the hand and therefore decide whether a raise is worthwhile.


Two cards of the same rank are a pair. The highest ranked pair is two aces.

Payout Table

A table that is usually printed on the table felt, or on a sign nearby, that outlines the payout odds for all hands and bet types. This will help you determine the house edge in a game and also if the game has favorable rules and odds. Make sure you study this closely to avoid any carnival type variations of Ultimate Texas hold’em.


When the player and dealer have the same hand it’s a push and no money changes hands. On top of this in Ultimate Texas hold’em when the dealer doesn’t open, as they don’t have a pair as a minimum, the ante bet is automatically a push. The blind bet will also be a push if a straight isn’t achieved and the player beats the dealer.

Qualifying Hand

In Ultimate Texas hold’em, the dealer must have at least a pair to be able to open and compete against the players. If they don’t then the players push on the ante bet, however, the blind and raise bets are still active and can win. The dealer will open their hand if there is a pair on the board as community cards can be used by all players and the dealer.


After each player has their two hole cards they have the option to raise. Pre-flop they can raise three or four times the amount of the blind bet, after the flop they can raise two times the blind, and after all community cards are dealt they can raise the same amount as the blind. Once the player has made a raise bet they can’t bet again later on in the hand.  These bets are sometimes referred to as play bets in some casinos.

Random Number Generator or RNG

A random number generator is a complex mathematical computer program that generates a random group of numbers from a predetermined set. These are used in fully digital online Ultimate Texas hold’em games and also video-based games that can sometimes still be found in live casinos. The deck is shuffled by the random number generator and placed in random order for the deal. Every shuffle is independent of previous ones and is completely random each time.


A hand in Ultimate Texas hold’em is sometimes also called a round. This round starts when players finish making their initial ante and blind bet until the last bet is paid out or retrieved by the dealer.

Royal Flush

This is a five card poker hand with a ten, jack, queen, king, and an ace, all in the same suit. It’s the most powerful hand in the game and also the hardest to get. If you achieve a royal flush, you’ll be in for a very nice payday.

Shufflemaster inc.

Shufflemaster inc. is the company that invented Ultimate Texas hold’em in order to drive sales of their automatic shuffling device.  They developed a series of casino table games that were attractive to the player and more profitable for the casino if they could deal the cards faster. This is where their shuffle device comes in.


A wooden or plastic container that is used in live games to hold the cards once they’ve been shuffled. This makes it easier for the dealer to deal the cards and also removes the need for the dealer to hold cards at all.


Five cards in sequential order make a straight. The ace can act as a low card for a wheel straight, from ace to five, and a high card for a Broadway straight, from ten to ace.

Straight Flush

A straight flush is made up of five cards in sequential order that are all the same suit.

Three of a Kind

A set of three of the same ranked cards.


A slang term for three of a kind. This is also the name of one of the bet types in Ultimate Texas hold’em.

Trips Bet

Another betting option in the game where players make a wager in the hope of hitting a three of a kind or better. If they do, the payout rate increases in line with stronger poker hands. This bet takes place independently of the dealer’s hand.

Two Pair

Two sets of pairs are known as two pairs.


A slang name for the lowest possible straight from ace to five.

Winning Hand

A hand that defeats the dealer’s hand is known as a winning hand. For the ante bet, this can be any hand, and for the blind bet, it must be at least a straight. A winning hand on the trips bet will be a three of a kind or higher.