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Klub Keno Online Casino Game LogoKlub Keno is an online keno variation created by Betsoft Gaming. Fans of the traditional game are sure to enjoy Klub Keno. With its simple gameplay, bright graphics, and classic elements found in regular keno. The object of the game is to bet on a set of numbers and wait for the balls to be drawn. If you earn a match, you win.

We will provide all the information you need to play Klub Keno. We want our readers to learn more about the game and easily be able to give the title a try. Once you know the rules of the game, you will feel more comfortable logging on to our recommended casinos and playing for real money.

How to Play Klub Keno at an Online Casino

Klub Keno is usually found in the “Specialty Games” section of most online casinos. Below you will find simple steps to playing Klub Keno:
Steps to Play Klub Keno Online


Choose Your Bet Amount

You need to first choose your bet amount. This is done by selecting the “Choose Coin” button. Simply select the amount you want to wager for every number you pick.

Klub Keno Betting Limits

Pick Your Lucky Numbers!

The next step is to bet on the numbers you believe will get picked. These are the numbers that will pay out. You need to choose a minimum of three numbers and a maximum of 10 in order to play.


Play One, Five, or Ten Games

Players can choose to play One, Five or Ten games by selecting the corresponding button at the bottom of the screen.

Once you select the number of games, the balls begin to drop and you can see what kind of matches you earn.


Get Paid and Play Again!

Once the betting round(s) are over, you will get paid for any winning numbers. You can begin a new game by selecting “New Game” and choose different numbers.

Players can also stick to their previous numbers by going back to Step #3 without pressing the new game button.

Play Klub Keno at the Best Online Casinos

Klub Keno is an older game that was slowly phased out of most sites when Abode Flash left the building. Several of our recommended gambling sites have newer more modern real money Keno games.

Online Klub Keno Rules

The rules to play Klub Keno online are very simple:

  • 1. Players must choose a minimum of three numbers to play for real money.
  • 2. As many as 10 numbers can be selected
  • 3. Players can choose to select one game, five games or ten.
  • 4. The game draws 10 numbers at random
  • 5. Players are paid based on how many of the numbers they match during the random draw, after the numbers are chosen
  • 6. One of the 40 balls will be chosen at random as the Star Ball. If the Star Ball is drawn, and matches a player’s pick, then any win is doubled.

Strategy to Win at Klub Keno

There is no real strategy to win at Klub Keno. The game is a random draw, so it is impossible to choose numbers based on any strategy.

Players who enjoy the game of keno will often use the strategy of choosing their “lucky” numbers in order to try and win. This could be the birthdays of loved ones or just numbers they feel are lucky enough to for a big payout.

Klub Keno Payouts Table


Pros and Cons of Online Klub Keno

Before you start playing Klub Keno at an online casino for real money, it is important that you know all the benefits and drawbacks of this game. Below you will find the top pros and cons of this online casino game.


  • Easy to Play
  • Provides Big Payouts
  • Quick Gameplay


  • Highly Repetitive Gameplay
  • Low Wagering Limits

Should You Play Klub Keno?

Klub Keno is a fun game, one that is great option for both beginners and regular online casino players. It offers simple rules and great payouts. The game is recommended for anyone who wishes to try something new or play a game that requires no strategy or complicated rules.

At top online casinos like BetOnline and MyBookie, you can play many variations of keno for real money, including Klub Keno. They offer quality cash prizes for players who manage to match numbers during gameplay. Give the game a try and see just how easy it is to play. It can be a rewarding experience with nice jackpot prizes!

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