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Let it Ride online strategyTake a look at our Let It Ride terms glossary, where you will learn the common terminology and definitions of the language used while playing Let it Ride. Our glossary of terms for Let It Ride is extensive and will help players get acquainted with the game, whether they are going to play in Las Vegas casinos or at the best online casinos.

Learn all of the Let It Ride terms and their definitions and you will be able to start playing with the knowledge to win.

10s or better

To win in Let It Ride you must make at least a pair of 10s. Any lower pair will be deemed as a losing hand and you lose your live bets. Any hand higher than a pair pays out at increasing rates with the royal flush being the best possible hand, paying out at 1000 to 1. You can find certain strategies for each hand that you are dealt in the game in relation to which bets you should leave in place as the community cards are dealt and the game progresses.


The only non-negotiable bet that a player must make in the game. On a $10 table, the player must bet $30 initially, however they can take the first two $10 bets back based on their cards. The third $10 as indicated on the table felt by the dollar sign, or something similar, must always remain in play.


All the money on the table at one point in time is known as the action. In Let It Ride it can also be used when indicating which player’s turn it is to either let it ride or pull back their bet.

Angle Shooting

A term used in poker when a player makes an unethical move to gain more information in the hand. A slight variation of this can occur in Let It Ride. Sometimes players will tell others what hand they have as this information can help you in making strategic decisions. Some casinos will allow a little bit of this to occur while others will straight out warn the players and then remove them from the game. If you knew what every other hand at a full Let It Ride table was then you can lower the house edge by a full percentage point down to 2.5%.


A bet that must be made by a player to enter a hand. This is more used in poker, however, the bet that must always remain in place in a Let It Ride game is also known as an ante. The ante amount depends on the table minimums and maximums as determined by the casino that you’re playing at. Usually, you’ll be able to find a $10 table at most live casinos.


A player’s total amount of money which is set aside to wager in a game. Quite often a bankroll will be kept separate to money that’s used for everyday living expenses so you can keep track of winnings and losses, and so the player doesn’t lose their rent money gambling.

Basic Strategy

Because there is decision making in Let It Ride after bets have been placed and the cards have been dealt there are optimal strategies that can be followed to increase your chances of winning as much as possible. The house edge of 3.51% is given based on the player implementing the perfect strategy. If they don’t, then the house edge can be much higher. In Let It Ride there’s a basic strategy that players can follow which instructs on when to pull back the first and second bets, based on the three cards you hold and the first community card that is dealt face-up by the dealer.


If a pair of tens or better is dealt as the two community cards everyone’s a winner. This is known as a boardwalk.

Community Cards

In Let It Ride each player is dealt three personal cards or hole cards, and two cards are dealt face up on the table for everyone to use. The two that are dealt on the table are known as community cards because they can be used by everyone in the game, which is the community. This is similar to other poker games such as Texas hold’em, where five community cards are dealt face up on the table.


This is the casino employee that deals the cards and manages the game. They will award players with payouts when they win and retrieve their bets when they lose. In Let It Ride the dealer does not have a hand to beat. You simply are trying to achieve the best poker hand as possible and will receive a payout based on the pay table at that casino.


One of the key components in relation to strategies in Let It Ride is determining when to leave bets in place in the hope of making a strong hand with the community cards. When you’re doing this you’re on a draw. Some draws are more likely than others and you can work out the percentage chance of hitting a hand based on how many cards are in the deck. The percentage chance of hitting a hand should be weighed against the expected payout if that hand comes through. This is known as implied odds and should be used regularly at the table.

Five Card Stud

The original stud game which Let It Ride is loosely based on. In five card stud, each player is dealt five cards with two face up. In Let It Ride five cards are also used except each player only has three face down cards and there are two face-up community cards.

Full House

A poker hand consisting of a three of a kind and a pair. This usually pays out 11 to 1 on the Let It Ride table.

House Edge

Every casino game has a house edge which is a statistical advantage that the house has against the player. It’s represented in percentage form as it indicates how much money is absorbed by the house from the player in the game in the long run. In Let It Ride the house edge is 3.51%, meaning for every $100 that the player gambles, the house will keep $3.51. This makes it’s impossible for the player to win in the long run as the theoretical house edge always ends up matching the practical house edge.

Let Em Ride

In some online poker sites, you’ll be able to find Let Em Ride. This is very similar to Let It Ride with one minor change to how betting occurs. The structure of the game is the same in respect to cards dealt. The difference is you simply place an ante to start the game, and then add bets based on what you are dealt and which community cards are shown. You can also raise your initial ante and bet more as you go if you like the value of your hand. Payout rates are slightly different and also account for the ability of the player to wager more based on the hand they are dealt.

Let it Die

Casino employee slang for the game as a result of the slow pace of the game and subsequent lack of tips from winning players, this could also be due to the high house edge. Luckily for them, the game is becoming less popular and is slowly being replaced by alternative games which yield a more favorable house edge for the player.

Let It Ride

The name of the game, and also the phrase that is used when leaving the first and second bets out on the table to remain in play. Strategy dictates when to let it ride depending on what cards you hold for the first bet, and how those cards work with the first community card and the odds of hitting the right card on the second community card. Although it can get very complex in relation to odds of hitting hands and whether something is an expected positive move, basic strategy in Let It Ride is quite simple and easy to follow.

Live Let It Ride

The live version of the game takes place is physical casinos with real cards and a casino employee acting as the dealer in the game.


If you don’t get a pair of tens or better with your five card hand than you lose any active bets that are in place.


Of the three bets that you initially make in the game, one is non-withdrawable and must be left in place and active in every single hand.

Online Let It Ride

Available in online casinos on a compatible device with an internet connection. Online let it ride is the same game simply run on a digital table with a random number generator determining the order of the cards after a virtual shuffle. Many online casinos offer Let It Ride, and also the similar game Let Em Ride.


When you’re on a draw and require certain cards to make a winning poker hand, these cards are known as outs. You can determine how many outs there are in the deck to give yourself odds of this occurrence when deciding whether to pull back bets or let them ride.


Two of the same cards. In this game, a pair of 10s is the minimum hand required to win.

Pair Plus Side Bet

A side bet similar to the one that is available to players in 3 card poker. This is a bet where a player can wager a few dollars on whether they will receive a made hand in their own three hole cards. Payouts vary depending on the value of the hand they make and the casino you are playing at. The house edge is very high on this side bet.

Payout Table or Schedule

Located on the table itself, or on small printed cards nearby, the payout table will list what that particular casino pays out for particular hands in the game. If you’re playing online there will usually be a button on the game interface that brings up all payoff information, plus information on the digital table felt itself.

Pull Back

Something truly unique about Let It Ride is the fact you can pull back bets after the cards have been dealt. This allows you to cash in as much as possible when you’re dealt a good hand or have an amazing draw, and also bail from hands when a win seems unlikely. Very few casino games offer the pullback option and upon initial review this seems to be very favourable to the player. However, through further study of the mathematics of the game, we can determine that the house edge is still high and isn’t great when compared to blackjack or even the pure luck based game of roulette.

Random Number Generator or RNG

Online and video based games all operate with the assistance of a random number generator or RNG, for short. This is a program that randomly determines a relevant sequence of numbers. This occurs independently of previous results and is purely random. If you’re playing Let It Ride online, then an RNG is used to determine the order of the cards after they’ve been shuffled.

Royal Flush

A straight from ten to ace all of the same suit. This is the highest possible hand in Let It Ride and is usually paid out at 1000 to 1.

Shufflemaster Inc.

The CEO of SHFL developed Let It Ride so that they would be able to sell more of their shuffle machines to casinos. They designed the perfect slow and popular game that would require an automatic shuffling machine to speed the game up enough to be able to generate enough of a profit for the casino.

Side Bet

A bet made separately to the main wager in a game. This usually carries a very high house edge and a significantly higher payout. In Let It Ride the main side bet is the pair plus wager.


Five cards that are sequential in order. The ace can be used in a ten to ace straight or an ace to five straight. This generally pays out at 5 to 1 in Let It Ride.

Straight Flush

Five cards of sequential order and all the same suit. A straight flush pays out 200 to 1 in Let It Ride.

Three of a Kind

Three of the same ranked cards in your five card poker hand. This pays out 3 to 1 in Let It Ride. If you have a pair plus side bet in play and hit a three of a kind with your cards only, you’ll be in for a nice payday.

Two Pair

A collection of two different pairs. This pays 2 to 1 in Let It Ride. Unlike a simple pair, which must be tens or better, you can have two pairs of any value to win in this circumstance.


A player must have at least a pair of tens to win in Let It Ride. Payouts increase according to the strength of the poker hand with a royal flush paying out the most. Some Let It Ride tables have maximum payout amounts per hand irrespective of the odds, so be sure to check this first before sitting down as this is a disadvantage to the player.

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