Sic Bo Terms

This page explains many Sic Bo Terms you might run into while playing the game. Learning the meaning of the Sic Bo Terminology will help you understand the game even further.

Any Double

A bet on two of the dice being the same number, this is also referred to in some casinos as any pair. The payout on this wager is 11 to 1.

Any One Number

In this wager, the player is hoping for one number to appear on the dice. If it appears twice or three times, then the payout increases. The payout on hitting one number is 1 to 1, on two numbers it’s 2 to 1, and on three numbers it’s 12 to 1.

Any Triple

A bet on all three dice being the same number. This is also called a three of a kind. The standard payout for this in sic bo is 31 to 1.


The money that the player is wagering on a certain outcome in the game. All bets must be placed prior to the shaking of the dice, and every bet in the game of sic bo has different payout rates and winning conditions associated with it.


A wager placed on the total sum of the three dice equalling between 11 and 17. However, if it’s a three of a kind it isn’t a winner as this needs to be bet on separately. This is one of the better bets that a player can make in a game of sic bo due to the low house edge.


A sic bo variant which is played with different bet types and the dice are rolled in a glass container called a birdcage. The payouts are far worse in this game, therefore, driving up the house edge. This game is also sometimes called chuck a luck or grand hazard. If you can avoid playing this game and a proper sic bo game is available, then playing that instead is probably a good idea.


A small device that is used to shake and roll the dice. It’s usually a glass container in sic bo unless the game is using the traditional small wooden chest. This is not to be confused with the casino cage, where players can cash in their chips for cash, and vice versa.

Chuck a Luck

A variant which has worse odds and payouts, and slightly different bet options. See the birdcage above for more information.

Combination Bet

A bet in which the player chooses two numbers that they want to appear from the three dice that are rolled. This is sometimes also called a pair bet. The standard payout odds on this bet is 6 to 1.


In some games, a cup is used by the house to hold the dice and then shake and roll them. Usually, though a cage or small wooden chest is used in sic bo games.


Another name for a dealer which is often used as no cards are actually dealt in the game of sic bo. This is a European term and won’t be used much outside of that area.

Dai Su

This is another name for the game, predominantly used in Asia. It translates to big small which are two of the best bets to make in the game due to the lowest possible house edge.


In sic bo the dealer manages bets and also is in charge of shaking and rolling the dice. How this is done can differ from casino to casino, and from country to country. Players can never touch the dice and all they do is place bets and retrieve winnings if they get lucky.


In sic bo three dice are used to determine winning numbers. These are standard dice with the numbers 1 to 6 on their sides. Unlike craps, only the dealer in sic bo handles, shakes, and rolls the dice, usually with the assistance of a container so they aren’t directly touching them to their skin. This is done to avoid cheating and collusion.

Dice Face

Another name for a bet on one of the dice showing a specific number.

Double or Duo

In this bet, a player is wagering on two of the three dice showing a specific number. This is also known as any double bet and it pays out 11 to 1.


A bet made on the total of the three dice being an even number. This is only available in some casinos and usually pays out at 1 to 1. The house edge on this bet is 2.78%, which means it’s quite a favorable bet to make for the player.

Grand Hazard

Of British origins, this variant is similar to chuck a luck with fewer betting options and lower payouts. It’s probably best to avoid it if possible due to the high house edge and relatively low payouts.

High Low or Hi-Lo

This sic bo variant is played mostly in the Philippines, with basically the same rules. Payouts may vary though so be sure to check on these first to ensure you are playing at the best possible table.


The casino or establishment that is running the game is known as the house. This term is used for both online games and live games. Usually, the house has an edge in all games to ensure they remain profitable and can keep running games for players.

House Edge

The mathematical advantage that the casino has over the player in a game. This can’t be beaten without cheating and ensures that on a long enough timeline the house always wins that percentage amount from the players. In sic bo, the best house edge you can get is 2.78% on the big and small bet, or the even and odd bets if they’re available. This means if a player wagers $100 then they will lose $2.78 to the house in the long run.


The squares, text, and pictures on the sic bo table indicate where bets are made and usually what the payouts are for those bets. Collectively this is known as the layout. In most sic bo games the tabletop will be plastic instead of felt. This is where players place down their chips in order to wager on the next roll.

Live Dealer

If you play the game online, some casinos will offer a live dealer sic bo game. You will be connected via video link to a sic bo table and the dealer where real dice are rolled to determine winning numbers. This bridges the gap between online fully digital play and a real live casino. You still make your bets via a user interface on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and you will be paid out in credits into your account similar to if you were playing in a fully digital game.

Live Sic Bo

When the game is played in a real casino with a dealer who is a casino employee and dice are used then it’s considered a live sic bo game. You’ll often find higher table minimums in live games, and also a higher house edge.

Lose On Any Triple

A condition on certain bets where they lose on a three of a kind, or triple, even though the main bet result has been achieved. If you make a bet on a high number, and three fives come up, you technically win the bet as 15 is a high number, however, because there is a loss on any triple you would lose your wager.

Lucky Dice

Another slang name for the game of sic bo. This is used widely around the world.


A wager on the total of the three dice being an odd number. This type of bet is only available in some casinos and will payout at a rate of 1 to 1. It carries a house edge of 2.78%.

Online Sic Bo

Any game that is played via an online casino on a computer, tablet, or smartphone is considered an online sic bo game. These can either be fully digital and use a random number generator to determine the outcome of the dice, or use a live dealer where the player is connected via video link to a casino floor.

Pair Match

Another name for a combination bet where the aim is to pick the numbers of two of the three dice.


The payout is how much money a player will win based on the bet they made. In sic bo, the lowest payout is 1 to 1, or even money, and the highest is 180 to 1 on a triple bet.

Pay Table

On every table, or nearby it, you’ll be able to find a pay table that lists out all the bet types you can make in the game and the relevant payouts if you win. If you’re playing online this information will be available by a button that will bring up the pay table separately. On some sic bo table layouts the actual payout rates will be listed directly in the area of the corresponding bet type, which makes things much easier.

Random Number Generator or RNG

Online casinos clearly can’t use the same devices such as dice that are used in live casinos to determine outcomes and winning numbers. If they aren’t running a live dealer game via video link to the player, then they will be hosting a completely digital sic bo game. In this game, a random number generator is used to determine which numbers will appear on the dice. This computer program uses a complex mathematical formula to ensure completely random results that are independent on every roll. This means you achieve a fully random result for the dice as if you were playing on a live table and actually rolling them.


When you’re playing online sic bo the roll button will commence the game after you’ve placed all your bets. This will start a digital roll which uses a random number generator computer program to determine the outcome in a completely random way.

Sic Bo

Directly translated it means dice pair and this is the name of the game. You will be able to find this game, and very similar variants, under a series of other names. These include birdcage, dai su, chuck a luck, grand hazard, and tai sai, to name a few.


A wager that the total sum of the three dice will be between 4 and 10. A three of a kind will result in a loss on this wager. Generally, this will be paid out at 1 to 1 and it has a house edge of 2.78%.

Snake Eyes

A slang term for when two ones are rolled on the dice, obviously because they look like snake eyes. This is commonly used in craps and has slowly crept into sic bo terminology, particularly in North America.


Another term for the commencement of shaking the dice, in whatever capsule or container that is used in that casino. Once the spin starts players can’t make any more bets. Quite often when you are playing online there will be a spin button that will start the digital roll.

Strong Bet

A wager on the outcome of all three of the dice. This carries a lower probability of happening but a resultant much higher payout. Hence, it’s referred to as strong.

Tai Sai

Another name for the game which translates to big small. This is mostly used in Asia.

Three Dice Total

A wager on the total number of all the dice. Payouts for these bets vary depending on the likelihood of the number that appears.

Three Single Number Combination

A bet on all three numbers being the same as chosen by the player. This bet is only available at some casinos, depending on the house rules.

Two Faces

Another term used for a combination bet where a player chooses two numbers with the hopes they appear on two out of the three dice.

Weak Bet

A wager on the outcome of only one or two of the dice. This is the opposite of a strong bet. This will have a higher probability of occurring yet a much lower payout if you win.


Any bet that’s placed on an outcome that is achieved on the dice roll. Once you have won the dealer will pay you the relevant amount of winnings as determined by the pay table or chart.

Yee Hah Hi

A variant played mostly in Macau. In this form of the game, symbols are used on the dice instead of numbers.

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