Vegas Three Card Rummy Online

Vegas Three Card Rummy logoAs the online casino industry continues to transform the world of gambling games into internet driven platforms, one game capturing the attention of players around the world is Vegas Three Card Rummy online.

A table game which uses a standard 52-card deck, while pitting players against a lone dealer, three card rummy bears a slight resemblance to blackjack in terms of gameplay. An ante wager is made, cards are distributed to both the player and the dealer, and a subsequent wager can be placed depending on the relative strength of your holding.

Bets are typically paid out the standard 1 to 1 ratio, but the beauty of vegas three card rummy is that the right run out of cards can result in a much higher return.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of online casino gambling, or a veteran simply looking for another great game to enjoy, the following primer should prepare you for a great run at the three card rummy tables.

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How to Play Vegas Three Card Rummy


Starting with an Ante

A hand of three card rummy begins when you place an initial wager known as the ante bet. The majority of online casino platforms begin with a minimum bet of $1 and escalate accordingly, as you’ll find at Bovada’s three card rummy tables. Depending on your bankroll capacity, however, you can increase the ante wager at your leisure.


Three Cards are Dealt

After the ante bet has been placed a three card hand is dealt to both the player and the dealer. Player hands are always face up while the dealer’s cards remain face down.

When your three card hand contains any pair, triple, or suited run the result is a much lower point total than normal, which makes these strong hands worthy of betting strongly.


Player Hand Strength and Betting

The crux of vegas three card rummy comes after you’ve assessed the strength of your three card holding. Remember, you’re aiming to reach a lower point total than the dealer. Also, when the dealer’s hand value reaches 21 or more, their hand doesn’t qualify.

Once you’ve taken a peek at your own hand and calculated its point total, the final decision in vegas three card rummy is to match your ante bet with an additional raise bet. For example, if you started the hand by betting $5, and your three cards total just 9 points, the correct play is to place an additional $5 raise bet for a total wager of $10. When your point total is quite high on the other hand, the proper play is to fold or keep only your original ante bet in play.


Beating the Dealer

In any event, once you’ve made this crucial decision the dealer will reveal their three card hand, before comparing its value to your hand. The dealer’s hand doesn’t qualify when it reaches 21 points or more, and when this occurs the player’s ante bet is an automatic winner while the raise bet is returned as a push.

In cases when the dealer qualifies, point totals are compared and you’ll win on both the ante and the raise bets when you produce a lower point total than the dealer.


Getting Paid

Finally, vegas three card rummy is made more exciting by the inclusion of bonus payouts when you happen to make a specific three card hand. When you beat the dealer holding any point total between 6 and 19, the payout ratio is just 1 to 1 on your ante and raise bets.

But when your winning hand has a point total between 1 and 5, the payout doubles to a 2 to 1 ratio. Reaching the magic number of zero as your point total is good for a 4 to 1 payout.

Three Card Rummy Objective

The objective of three card rummy online is to arrive at a lower point total than the dealer. The point total is based on the sum of the values held by the three cards in your hand. When playing vegas three card rummy the card values are ranked as follows:

  • three card rummy online table2 through 10 = numerical rank
  • Jack, Queen, King = 10 points
  • Aces = 1 point
  • Any pair = 0 points
  • Any triple = 0 points
  • Two-card suited run = 0 points
  • Three-card suited run = 0 points

In this case, the term suited run simply means a combination of cards which are both connected and of the same suit. In blackjack, the nine and ten of clubs totals a favorable 19, but in vegas three card rummy, the same two cards equate to a point total of zero.

Pagat has an excellent general rummy page that covers many varieties of the game.

Best Casinos to Play Three Card Rummy Online

Best choicesThree card rummy is a global game enjoyed by millions of players each year, and as such, the majority of major online casinos include it as part of their table games menu.

In the United Kingdom rummy is known as brag, but by visiting the William Hill Casino page for three card brag, you’ll find the rules and gameplay to be nearly identical. In another case, you might see the word Vegas affixed before the title of the game, but this is simply to differentiate three card rummy from its cousin three card poker. Either Vegas three card rummy or three card brag can be used interchangeably to describe the same game.

The following list highlights established online casinos which offer three card rummy operating in the U.K., Australia, the Americas, and around the world:

By visiting any of the online casinos listed above you can explore the world of Vegas three card rummy online from the comfort of home. You can play for free before you start playing for real money. This lets you try the game and learn how the software platform works without risking your hard earned cash.

Speaking of strategy, when it comes to Vegas three card rummy there’s only one hard and fast rule to remember: raise with 20 or fewer points, and fold with 21 or more. By sticking to the same parameters as the dealer, which has been programmed to play optimally by the house, players can ensure that they always lower the house edge as much as possible.


Rummy is one of the many familiar games that casinos have used to design games players can gamble on. Most kids learn to play some form of rummy growing up, but few learn to play them for money.

With the simple strategy of raising with 20 or fewer points and folding everything else, Vegas three card rummy is one of the simplest games to play in the casino while following proper strategy. Unlike games like video poker and blackjack which have charts you need to memorize, you can reduce the odds as far as possible following a simple guideline.