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Playing 3-2 Single Deck Blackjack in Las Vegas

Single Deck Blackjack Vegas SurveyThere was a time that Las Vegas was flush with single deck blackjack games that paid 3-2 on an ace and a face. That is no longer the case. Most single deck blackjack games in Las Vegas only pay 6-5 on a natural.

El Cortez Single Deck Blackjack

El Cortez, located just east of the Fremont Street Experience downtown, is one of two casinos in Las Vegas that still spreads 3-2 single deck blackjack. The game is found at most of its tables. The minimum bet is usually $5, but peak hours may become $10. Players may double down on any two cards but not after splitting. The dealer hits soft 17. Split aces receive only one card each. Surrender is not permitted.

Silverton Single Deck Blackjack

Silverton offers single deck blackjack. It is down to just one table at this locals’ casino located south of the Las Vegas Strip. The rules are a bit tighter here than they are at El Cortez. Players may only double down on 10 and 11 and not at all after splitting. The dealer hits soft 17. Re-split aces and surrender are not permitted. The minimum bet is usually $10.

Mesquite Single Deck Blackjack

Blackjack players willing to drive an hour will find a good single deck game in Mesquite. It is at Eureka Casino. Players may double down on any two cards and double after splitting. Like the Las Vegas single deck games, the dealer hits soft 17 and there is no surrender or re-split aces. The bet limits for this table are $10 to $100.

What Happened to 3-2 Single Deck Blackjack Games on the Vegas Strip?

Unlike real money blackjack tables online, there are very few 3-2 single deck blackjack games on the Las Vegas Strip these days. These casinos tightened up over the years. Single deck games became double deck or shoes with six or eight decks. The single deck games that remained started paying 6-5 on a natural.

Casinos bet on the fact that players would still give action to 6-5 single deck games with the attitude that they wouldn’t know how much that affected the odds or just not care. The belief among some gamblers was that 6-5 single deck is still better than a 3-2 game with more decks. Unless there are unusual rules, this is simply not the case.

What You Can Play Instead?

Players that do not have access to the 3-2 single deck games should choose double deck games. At Treasure Island, players will find a $10 double deck with double down before and after splitting. This game hits soft 17, however, for $25 the dealer stands on all 17’s. Most MGM properties offer the hit soft 17 game for $25 and stand on all 17 games for $50 or $100.

Single Deck Blackjack Games in Vegas

Even though there are no 3-2 single deck blackjack tables in Vegas, there are still plenty of one-deck tables. In this survey you will find all the casinos in Las Vegas that have single deck games.

Casino# of DecksMin BetMax BetH/S 17DADASRSASurrender# of Tables6/5 BJVideoExoticHouse Hold %
Aliante Casino15500HYesNoNoNo3YesNoNo1.69824%
Arizona Charlie’s – Decatur110500HYesYesNoNo1NoNoNo0.15945%
Boulder Station1101000HYesYesNoNo1YesNoNo1.55422%
Casino Royale1101000HYesYesNoNo1YesNoNo1.55422%
Circus Circus110500HNoNoNoNo1NoNoNo0.30346%
Circus Circus1151000HNoNoNoNo1NoNoNo0.30346%
El Cortez151000HYesNoNoNo6NoNoNo0.30346%
El Cortez1252000HYesNoNoNo1NoNoNo0.30346%
Fiesta Henderson151000HYesYesNoNo1YesNoNo1.55422%
Fiesta Rancho15500HYesYesNoNo1YesNoNo1.55422%
Fremont110200HNoNoNo1YesNoSuper Fun 211.54654%
Gold Coast151000H2NoSuper Fun 211.16000%
Golden Nugget1101000H1YesNoFree Bet1.96000%
Golden Nugget1101000HYesNoNoNo2YesNoNo1.69824%
Golden Nugget1101000H1NoSuper Fun 211.16000%
Main Street Station15200HYesNoNoNo1YesNoNo1.69824%
Main Street Station15500H1NoSuper Fun 211.16000%
Palace Station1101000HYesYesNoNo1YesNoNo1.55422%
Park MGM Casino110500HYesYesNoNo2YesNoNo1.55422%
Poker Palace1250HYesNoYesNo1EvenNoNo2.79000%
Red Rock151000HYesNoNoNo2YesNoNo1.69824%
Sam’s Town15500HYesYes1NoSuper Fun 211.16000%
Santa Fe Station151000HYesNoNoNo2YesNoNo1.69824%
Silverton1101000HNoNoNoNo1NoNoBlackjack Spin0.57982%
Silverton1101000HNoNoNoNo1NoNoRoyal Match0.57982%
Treasure Island1101000HYesNoNoNo2YesNoNo1.69824%
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