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Playing Chase the Flush at Las Vegas

Las Vegas Games Survey - Chase The Flush
Chase the Flush combines the betting structure of Ultimate Texas Hold’em with the hand grading of High Card Flush. Luxor and Silverton are the only two casinos to play the game in Las Vegas. The minimum bet is $5 at each.

How to Play Chase the Flush

Players receive three cards after making an Ante bet. This is a difference from Ultimate Texas Hold’em, where players only receive two cards. The dealer also receives three cards.

A player may check or bet three times the Ante. After that betting round, two community cards are exposed. The player may then check or bet two times the Ante. Two more community cards are then shown. The player must either match the Ante bet or fold. A player that bets at any point is done with action in the hand and waits until all community cards are shown.

The best flush wins. The rank is first based on the number of suited cards. The second-ranking is the value of the flush cards. An ace plays high. The dealer must have a three-card nine or better to qualify. If the dealer fails to qualify, the Ante automatically pushes. The Raise bets still play. These Raises are paid even money on a winning hand. Note that all side bets except for the Same Suit bet lose if the dealer’s hand beats the player’s one.

Playing Chase the Flush in Las Vegas

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