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Las Vegas Games Survey - Double Ball Roulette
Double Ball Roulette is exactly as it sounds. There are two balls on every spin. The payouts on the felt are somewhat different from a traditional roulette game. Some bets are paid based on whether one or two balls land somewhere, while others only win if both balls fall on a selected part of the felt.

Double Ball Roulette is only available in Las Vegas at Binion’s. It is located on Fremont Street. The game has two zeros.

Double Ball Roulette PAYOUTS
Split ColorsEven money if the balls land one each on red and black
Red/Black, Odd/Even, Hi/Lo3-1, requires both balls to land on winning section
1st/2nd/3rd 128-1 if both balls land on winning section
Straight17-1 if one ball lands on the number and 34-1 if both do
Split Number8-1 if one balls lands on number, 16-1 if both do
Three Numbers5-1 if one ball lands on number, 10-1 if both do
Four Numbers3-1 if one ball lands on number, 6-1 if both do
Five Number2.5-1 if one ball lands on number, 5-1 if both do
Six Number2-1 if one ball lands on number, 4-1 if both do
Double BallPick a number that both balls will land on and win 1,200-1

Play Double Ball Roulette at Binion’s

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