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Where to Find Texas Hold’em Bonus Tables at Las Vegas

Las Vegas Games Survey - Texas Holdem BonusTexas Hold’em Bonus was one of several Texas Hold’em games that emerged during the poker boom. It never caught on at the same level as Ultimate Texas Hold’em, which has more than four times the installs in Las Vegas.

There are currently 11 Las Vegas casinos that spread Texas Hold’em Bonus. Caesars Entertainment operates most of these games. That group tends to offer a wider variety of proprietary table games. All Las Vegas casinos that have Texas Hold’em Bonus keep a $5 or $10 minimum bet.

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How to Play Texas Hold’em Bonus

Texas Hold’em Bonus is based on a similar concept as Ultimate Texas Hold’em. Players make an Ante bet to start the game. There is also an optional bonus bet.

#1: Receive Cards – Players and the dealer each receive two cards. Five cards are placed in the center of the table. These are community cards used by all players and the dealer.
#2: Raise or Fold – The player must decide whether to play for a raise that is double the Ante or fold. Three community cards are shown. Players must check or make a bet an equal amount to the Ante. Another community card is turned up. Players may either check or bet the amount of the Ante. The remaining community card is shown before the dealer shows the house hand. The players’ hands are then displayed.
#3: Compare Hands – The dealer compares those hands to the house one. The best five-card hand is determined based on the seven cards available to the player and dealer between the two hole cards and five community ones. The dealer does not have to qualify. There is action every hand.


  • If the dealer beats the player, the house wins the Ante and all raises.
  • If the player beats the dealer, all raises are paid even money.
  • The Ante pushes on a winning hand unless the player had a straight or higher. In that case, the Ante is paid even money.

Basic Strategy to Win

The Texas Hold’em Bonus strategy is simple. Play any hand except unsuited 2/3, 2/4, 2/5, 2/6 and 2/7. If you make a pair or better on the flop, or a flush or straight draw, raise after the flop. Raise the turn on made hands, big flush draws and high open-ended straights. Hands that do not improve should be checked.

Playing Texas Hold’em Bonus at Las Vegas Casinos

CasinoGameMin BetMax Bet# of TablesVideo
Bally’sTexas Hold’em Bonus52002No
Boulder StationTexas Hold’em5501No
CaliforniaTexas Hold’em Bonus52001No
CromwellTexas Hold’em Bonus52001No
FlamingoTexas Hold’em Bonus152001No
FremontTexas Hold’em Bonus52001No
Harrah’sTexas Hold’em Bonus52001No
LinqTexas Hold’em Bonus102001No
LuxorTexas Hold’em Bonus101001No
MGM GrandTexas Hold’em Bonus255003No
Palace StationTexas Hold’em510002No
ParisTexas Hold’em Bonus52002No
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