Mobile Gaming Glossary of Terms


Four of a kind is a strong hand in a range of different card-based gambling games.

8 / 5

This is the rate of payout in video poker games. The first number, 8, represents the payout for 1 coin on a full house, and the second number, 5, is the payout for a flush.

9 / 6

This is also a rate of pay out in video poker games and is one of the most favorable payout tables for Jacks or Better. The full house is paid out at 9 coins per 1 wagered, and the 6 is for a flush.


In most games there will be a time when it’s your turn to act; this means the action is on you. This can also refer to the amount of money on a table at any one point in time.


A separate bet which must be made to enter the game, or on top of the normal bet, or forced bets in poker. This must be made by all players to participate in a game.

American Roulette

A version of roulette where there’s a single zero and a double zero on the table and wheel. Due to the double zero, the house edge is much higher.


This is short for application. An application is a software that is installed on your mobile device which allows you to play at the online casino. Casino providers design these in partnership with their software houses to give you the best gaming experience.


The manufacturer of the iPhone and iPad. Apple mobile devices are hugely popular across the world and most online casinos offer their mobile applications for Apple products.


An operating system developed by Google which is used on many mobile devices. Most online casinos who offer gaming on mobile devices offer an android compatible app.


A card game which is hugely popular across Asia, where the aim of the game is to get a total of 9 and bet on either the player or banker to win.


The amount of data that you have assigned to your cell phone account or home internet account. When you use a mobile device to play on an online casino you will be using bandwidth to play the game.


Blackjack is the most popular casino card game on the planet, where players try to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. They also need to beat the dealer. It has a variety of other names and close variants.


The area of the online or mobile casino where you deposit and withdraw your money. You can also monitor your casino wallet to see how much money you have in there at any point in time.


Small plastic colored discs that are used to represent money in casino games. In mobile games, chips may still be used and represented in graphical format.

Coin Size

The denomination value of a coin in a particular game, usually video poker and slots.


This is a payment processing method used by many online casinos, which is usually also available through your mobile device.


Online casinos offer player’s loyalty points at a rate they have determined in comparison with your online wagering. These can be cashed in for rewards and extra cash depending on the site where you play.


A game of luck where two dice are rolled and certain numbers pay out players according to what they bet on. Mobile craps games often allow you to roll the dice by shaking your phone or tablet.


A term used by online casinos to represent the amount of money you’re wagering. This is done so you think you are losing credits and not actual money. Most software will allow you to change this back to a representation in cash.


Information in its raw form that is transmitted to and from your mobile device when you’re playing a game at an online casino. You’ll need to have access to the internet to be able to send data to and from the online casino where you’re playing.


Using a compatible banking method to place money into your online casino account. Deposit methods vary from casino to casino.

Deuces Wild

This is a popular video poker variant which is usually close to a positive expectation game for the player, provided you play perfect strategy and make no mistakes.


A body that was initially set up by Microgaming to give the best online casinos a seal of approval. Although there is a slight conflict of interest, the body is now recognized by many players as providing good insights on which online casinos can be trusted.

European Roulette

A version of roulette that only has one zero. The house edge on this type of roulette is much better than American roulette.

Flash Based Games

Online casinos are now using flash technology to allow players to play the game on their casinos without having to download any software to their device. These games are usually also compatible with mobile devices through a web browser and it allows those who don’t have the right operating system for apps to still play the games on their mobile device.

Full Site View

When you access the full desktop version of an online casino on your mobile device. Usually, this isn’t advisable as it won’t render well and you may have issues playing certain in browser games.

Full pay

A term that’s used in video poker to describe machines that pay out at a 9/ 6 rate, the 9 represents the payout for a full house and the 6 is for a flush. These are generally the most desirable games for players, and also the hardest to find.

General Packet Radio Service or GPRS

A type of information transfer that’s used by 2G and 3G networks. Packets of data will be sent one after the other which are converted to information on your mobile device.


The cards that you hold in a particular casino game or the round of play in a game.


The main screen on your mobile device. Usually, you can get to this by pressing the home button. This is the same as the desktop on your personal computer.


The major prize in a particular casino game. You can win the jackpot in slots by lining up a certain number of rare symbols. Usually, the jackpot will only be won rarely.

Jacks or Better

This is one of the most popular video poker games where a player tries to get the highest ranked poker hand with a standard 52 card deck. These machines pay out to players if they achieve at least a pair of jacks. The best Jacks or Better games are 9 / 6 machines.


A software application which enables certain web-based services to be used. On some mobile devices, java will be downloaded and used to be able to render online casino games.

House Edge

The house edge is the mathematical advantage that the casino operator has against the player in a game. It can vary greatly and generally, blackjack is the best for the player, and keno is the worst. The house edge is usually represented in percentage form and it indicates the percentage amount that the house will retain off the player in a given game. It’s important to bear in mind that this edge is calculated over a long timeline, so you may have large wins and losses in a session, but on a long enough timeline it will match the theoretical edge.


A potluck game where players select numbers and hope that they are drawn randomly. The more numbers that match the more you win. This game carries one of the highest house edges of any casino game.

Know Your Customer or KYC

A program which most online casinos use where you must eventually verify your identity by sending them a copy of your photo identification and maybe other supplementary documentation. This is done to prevent fraud and protect customers.


The main screen in the online casino. The lobby will give you access to all available games and also the cashier and some other information. Usually, on a mobile device, you can swipe around the lobby to get to different sections and games.

Manual Flushing

Online casinos may offer the player the ability to reverse a withdrawal for a period of time, usually 48 hours. Manual flushing means you can automatically override this process and have your withdraw processed immediately with no waiting period. It’s seen as a major benefit for the player as it means no extra unnecessary delays between requesting your funds and getting them.

Maximum Coins

You’ll be able to find casino games that let you change the amount of coins you wish to wager per hand or spin according to the denomination you’re playing. In video poker, you should always play maximum coins as this will reduce the house edge.


One of the most trusted and respected software developers in the online casino industry. Microgaming makes thousands of slot games and also classic table games. They’ve entered the mobile marketplace and developed hundreds of games for online casinos that have developed their own apps and browser-based games.

Mobile Bonus

A bonus which is specifically for mobile users. Make sure you look into these as they may be only available when you first start playing on your mobile device.

Mobile Browser

A web browser that’s used to load web pages on your mobile device.

Mobile Site

Most companies and online services have developed their own mobile sites which detect that you are viewing them from a mobile device and load a compatible web page that will render much more clearly than the page designed for a full sized computer.

Net Entertainment

A software house that develops online casino software. They also develop software for mobile online casino games.

No Deposit Bonus

A bonus that many online casinos offer you which gives you some free money to start gaming with before you make an actual deposit of your own cash.

No Download

Online casinos offer browser-based games, usually in flash format, to players so that they don’t have to download anything at all on their device.

Pai Gow Poker

A popular casino table game where players form two poker hands and battle it out against the dealer.

Pay Line

The line on a slot machine which you want symbols to go across in order to win.


Technology that allows software to run. This is usually the hardware or infrastructure you’re using such as the tablet or phone.


An online casino software provider that also develops software for mobile gaming.


A jackpot that constantly increases until it’s won. Sometimes these will end up in the millions of dollars.

QR Code

Similar to a barcode, the QR code is used by potential players to scan on their mobile device and automatically load the online casino mobile site or take them to the app store to download the relevant app.


This is the commission that the house takes out of certain games to make money or achieve an increased house edge against the player. The rake is also popular in poker where a certain percentage will be taken out of pots by the house as payment for running the game.

Random Number Generator or RNG

A complex mathematical algorithm that is contained within a computer program that randomly selects a set of numbers as determined by the game that it’s associated with. Each generation of numbers is completely random and is independent of any sets that have been produced previously.


These are the section of a slot that spin and stop revealing certain symbols. Some slots will have three reels and some will have five.


A game of luck where players select numbers or colors, and other side bets, and hope that the ball lands on the number and color on the spinning wheel.

Sic Bo

A casino game which is purely based on the luck of a roll of three dice.


A casino game which is based on spinning reels and symbols. Slots are pure luck and don’t offer the player a great house edge. However, they are simple and are one of the most popular games to play on a mobile device due to this and the fact they can have great graphics and are easy to play on a smaller screen.


A cell phone that gives you extra functionality such as accessing the internet, installing and running apps and more. Such a device is necessary to access mobile casinos online.


A term that’s used to describe the movement of your finger across a touch screen on a mobile device. Usually, this will move you to a new screen or section of a menu. However, sometimes a swipe will indicate a certain type of action in a casino game.

Table Game

A casino game which uses a table to carry out the play. Some of the most popular table games are blackjack, craps, baccarat, and roulette.


A mobile device which can be held in one or two hands and has a touch screen. The most popular tablets around at the moment are the Microsoft Surface Pro and the Apple iPad.


On a touch screen, you can tap the point on the screen where a button or action is represented. This is basically the same as clicking on that point on the screen as you would on a desktop computer or laptop.

Video Slots

These usually have five reels and much more advanced graphics than traditional slot machines. Although technically all slots that you play on your mobile device will be video slots, they are also a particular type of slot which is different from the traditional three reel slots that have basic symbols and usually only a free spin bonus.

Wireless Application Protocol or WAP

A form of security that is used for accessing Wi-Fi networks. Generally, if a network is protected by WAP it is much safer to use for your mobile gaming when compared to an unsecured and open network.

Web App

An application that is built into a website and can be accessed via a web browser. The back end of the app sits on the website itself and is just transmitted to you via the web page.

Welcome Bonus

This is a bonus that’s available to new players on an online casino. Usually, you get a percentage bonus on your first deposit, however, these can vary. Make sure you check out the terms and conditions on the bonus as they can be quite limiting.


Taking money out of your account and having it sent back to you. Quite often online casinos will make you wait 48 hours before processing the withdrawal. This gives you the option of reversing it. If manual flushing is available, you can cancel this waiting period and have the withdrawal processed right away.

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