888 Wants To Be The Biggest Online Betting Leader

888 To Lead Gambling Industry

Online gambling company 888 has stated its intent to be the biggest industry leader. That’s a goal shared with many companies. But 888’s latest move toward achieving that goal stands out.

Spurred by a wrist slap from authorities, 888 is making significant software changes focusing on responsible gambling.    

News Highlights

  • 888 employs the Control Centre to grow its business.
  • The Control Centre software helps players control gambling.
  • The company’s action comes after violations.

888 Striving To Be The Best in Online Betting

888 launched the Control Center software to help it to the top of the online-wagering ladder. The Control Centre uses several methods to put more betting control in players’ hands. 

“We want to be one of the world’s leading online betting and gaming companies. The Control Centre is continually being developed and reflects 888’s wider ambition to go beyond what is merely required by the regulation when it comes to safer gambling and invests in user-friendly safer gambling tools.”

Andrew Anthony, VP of Customer Safety and Due Diligence at 888

All In With Responsible Gambling

The Control Centre is an AI-powered responsible gaming software that allows players to choose how much time and money they spend on an 888 site. It will work with 888casino, 888poker, and 888sport.

The platform first debuted in the UK market on the 888poker site in 2020. It has since been rolled out in Italy, Romania, and Spain. The operator plans to put the Control Centre in at least 90% of non-US regulated markets that have access to it.  

A Closer Look at the Control Centre

  • Allows players to toggle between daily, weekly, and quarterly views of deposits, withdrawals, and balances, giving them real-time views of their gambling activity.
  • Highlights activity in easy-to-understand pie-chart form.
  • Allows players to use controls to change deposit limits.
  • Provides access to take-a-break or self-exclusion restrictions

An Updated Look at Responsible Gambling

888 was under the gun with the UK Gaming Commission when they announced the software overhaul. Earlier this year, the UKGC found 888 guilty of failing to act on breaches of responsible gaming policies. The Commission fined 888 and put them at risk of losing their license.

The operator has since vowed to correct the problem and cited the Control Center’s effectiveness. A year after launching the Control Centre in the UK market, it saw players using responsible gambling tools go up by 23%.

A report by the Responsible Gambling Council concludes that the industry needs to normalize the use of such RG tools by creating software suited to player demographics and behaviors.

The Gaming Commission’s action and 888’s response demonstrate the need for tools such as the Control Centre to help keep a check on problem gambling.   

888 Making Strides for Safer Online Gambling

While most real money online casinos and sportsbook players gamble responsibly, industry leaders need to integrate tools such as the Control Centre as online gambling becomes more popular. Meanwhile, 888’s use of the Control Centre may help the company rise to the top of the online gambling world.

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