A Recap of Legal US Online Gambling in 2019

legal us online gambling news of 2019

The online gambling industry in the United States has come a long way from the initial hold-up on all interactive gameplay. Having learned their lesson in the past, legislators and operators alike are opting for proper provisions and suitable coverage in licensed jurisdictions only.

So far, it seems to be working out well enough for the states that followed through given the opportunity. With many states still weighing out the pros and cons of the endeavor, there is no denying that there was a strong influence on regulating online gambling across state borders in 2019.

News Highlights

  • Five states had an active legal online gambling industry in 2019.
  • Sportsbetting is the most adopted gambling vertical in the States.
  • Nearly a dozen states will join the legal gambling market by 2020, both land-based and online.

Prospective Online Gambling US Markets for 2020

The domino effect mentioned above is one of the guiding drivers towards the expansion of gambling legislation. Since the Senate repealed the PASPA Act back in May 2018, sports betting was officially legalized on a federal level.

Mid-Atlantic Regions

The Mid-Atlantic was one of the first regions to ‘trickle down’ the same route as the initially legalized jurisdictions. Maryland and Virginia, as well as New York and Washington DC, were the first states to introduce proper legislation. There’s a positive outlook for their respective gambling markets come 2020.

New York

New York Gambling Laws

For New York specifically, bills S18 and A4924 were passed and are only waiting on reconciliation before getting the necessary signature from Gov. Andrew Cuomo to legalize online poker and sports betting.


Virginia Gambling Laws

Virginia is more or less in the same playing field, with bills that were passed waiting on proper approval and finally signature into law to legalize online casino and sports betting.


Maryland Gambling Laws

The situation is a bit shakier for Maryland. With pressure trickling down from the rest of the region, it’s expected to see gamblers gearing up for the first legal season by the end of next year.

Midwest Regions

Midwest states are also following in the same footsteps, especially with the two new markets that opened this year – Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Those markets are giving a boost to states such as Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and South Carolina.


Indiana Gambling Laws

Indiana is already hard and fast entering 2020 with sports betting – land-based, online, and mobile. Online casinos are lagging slightly behind with nothing but a brick-and-mortar presence as of yet.

Ohio & Iowa

Ohio Gambling Laws

House and Senate bills HB194 and SB111 are at a hold-up for Ohio’s legal sports betting industry. Residents in Iowa got their online sports betting industry in full power by mid-2019. Kentucky still has the decision to approve HB175 and HB190 and legalize daily fantasy sports, sports betting, and online casinos.

South Carolina

South Carolina Gambling Laws

South Carolina is the furthest from online gambling legalization, but the state is showing interest through their study on the industry as a whole, so it’s still a start.

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In 2019, the officially legal gambling markets in the USA have rounded up a total of six states – Delaware, New Jersey, NevadaPennsylvaniaWest Virginia, and most recently Michigan. Delaware has so far managed to cover all gambling verticals and allow their resident enthusiasts to engage in online poker, casino, and sports betting action.

The same is true for players in the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, while the other two -jurisdictions – Nevada and West Virginia are holding out on specific verticals.

What’s To Come For Legal US Online Gambling in 2020?

Legal online gambling in the US has been through a lot in 2019. Online players are getting the first regulatory bodies, proper legislation, and an open-minded attitude to the matter. It’s safe to say all these factors promise for a thriving, highly profitable, and rewarding entertainment industry.

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