The Rise & Popularity of Online Gambling Podcasts

Popular Online Gambling Podcasts

Podcasts have been one of the most popular ways to get informed and entertained at the same time for quite a few years, but it seems like their popularity is rapidly growing right now. And since betting is also a popular form of entertainment, the popularity of gambling podcasts is also on the rise.

On this occasion, we would like to highlight some of the best online gambling podcasts that you can listen to while you’re relaxing at home.

News Highlights

  • Podcasts are becoming quite a popular form of entertainment
  • There are many betting podcasts with quality content
  • The top five online gambling podcasts offer informative and fun details

Gambling Podcasts Show an Increase in Popularity

If you’re an enthusiastic online bettor, you have probably already heard of or even listened to a gambling podcast at least once. Considering there are podcasts on various topics and subjects all over the internet, it is only natural that there are also podcasts informing and entertaining online gamblers.

In this article, we have highlighted the very best ones to consider. You can join the one you believe would interest you the most, depending on your wagering preferences.

Behind the Bets

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Gamblers or other people in general, who wish to know more about the betting scene in Las Vegas, should listen to Doug Kezirian-led podcast Behind the Bets. Kezirian is an ESPN gambling analyst that invites professionals and experts who provide insight into Sin City’s gambling world.

This is the best podcast to listen to if you want to know more about the games and the entire ambient and atmosphere in Las Vegas.

There are three episodes per month, so you have plenty of opportunities to learn a lot about the games surrounding the casino floors in Vegas.

Gambling with an Edge

Logo - Gambling with an edge

If you’re already a gambler that needs to improve your gameplay strategy, for a specific casino game or games in general, you should probably listen to what Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin have to say in the Gambling with an Edge podcast. 

The podcast offers valuable information around the betting world, and quality content from professional authors and gamblers, including details on how to up your game and become a better gambler, even a pro.

You Can Bet on That

Logo - you can bet on that

If you’re a recreational gambler, wishing to be up to date with the latest developments in the online and land-based gambling industry, You Can Bet on That is the podcast for you.

This podcast tackles different topics related to betting, so you’ll hear about anything from gambling movies, to answers to most frequently asked questions about casinos, and up to tips on games and casinos to choose. Dr. Mike and Mark DeVol are the hosts of the show that offers 1 episode per week. Show

Logo - Safest betting sites

Now, if you’re into sports gambling, Safest Betting Sites is the YouTube channel to tune in and watch the SBS Show. With its content focused on sports wagering, the channel offers reviews on the best betting sites, relevant news, and latest developments in the industry.

If you wish to know more about this type of online wagering, especially if you’re a beginner, you will learn a lot from this channel.

It also provides beginners’ strategy advice, along with many other tips and does and don’ts you could find useful to get started with your sports gambling adventure.

Happy Listening!

These are some of our top recommended gambling podcast. We feel they provide very valuable information for the listeners. Our job is to make sure that our readers get the most up to date and accurate information and we rely on industry experts like these to fact check. Because of that, we have created a YouTube channel, and while it’s not precisely a podcast, per se, it is a source of information for all those gamblers that want to learn more about the industry.

On our OUSC YouTube channel, focused on gambling in the United States, you will find useful game tips, what to avoid and what to do when betting online or offline, and even how to choose the best real money online casinos. We share reviews of casino sites made by our team of researchers with a long history of reviewing sites.

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