The Best in US Online Gambling 2020

Best in US Online Gambling 2020

The year 2020 has been so packed with unusual events that it feels as if ten years have passed in the span of one. The coronavirus pandemic shook the world to its core, causing profound changes throughout all industries, including online casinos.

So, what were the biggest news and trends of 2020? Below we outline the year’s highlights to give you the latest updates in the gambling industry.

Online Gambling News Highlights of 2020

  • Coronavirus shocked the sports betting and casino world
  • Online betting platforms took the driver’s site as land-based casinos quarantined
  • Multiple states in the US legalized gambling or are discussing the prospect

Top Online Gambling Highlights of 2020

Let’s take a look at the biggest trending news of the online gambling industry of the year.

Wild Casino Welcomes 2020 With A New Look

New Wild Casino Home Page

In the first half of the year, Wild Casino surprised users with a brand new look. The website got a complete makeover with flashier imagery and better organization – the result is a more professional and striking website that exudes a sense of exclusivity.

On top of that, Wild Casino launched brand new bonuses for 2020 that are even better than those previously offered.

BetOnline and Launch Live Casino Black

BetOnline and Live Black Casino

BetOnline and SportsBetting introduced the new live black casino platform earlier this year, providing players with many high-quality live casino games. Here, you can enjoy playing at your favorite table games with a real-life dealer just like you would in a proper casino.

The new live black casino platform allows you to enjoy premium betting content at BetOnline and SportsBetting while in the comfort of your own home.

US Online Gambling on the Rise Amid Coronavirus

Online Gambling Increases Amid Coronavirus

There was a significant shift to everyone’s daily lives in all aspects when the coronavirus pandemic hit. As a result of everyone staying at home, online betting saw a massive surge in popularity. 

Most sports were brought to a halt for a while, which meant that sports bettors had almost nothing to bet on, but online casino games were still available and were more popular than ever

Millennials are the Biggest Online Gambling Spenders

Millenials Online Gambling Spending

An in-depth study by PXP Financial revealed that millennials are the biggest spenders in online gambling. This is because millennials are tech-savvy enough to understand the digital world while also having enough disposable income to spend heavily on online gaming endeavors.

It may not come as a surprise to many, seeing as millennials are the demographic that most legit online casinos target when it comes to player acquisition.

Las Vegas Casinos Welcomes Guests Back 

Las Vegas Casinos Reopening

In June, Las Vegas reopened their facilities for summer-time tourists looking for a fun night on the strip. In retrospect, this reopening was very premature, given the ongoing severity of COVID-19 in the United States.

However, all Nevada casinos claim to follow strict safety protocols such as regular sanitization, social distancing guidance, and public health authorities’ compliance.

BetOnline Launches New Site Design

BetOnline New Site Design

BetOnline is one of the US’s premier online casinos, and they finally revamped their website to reflect that status. The new platform is fully responsive on all mediums, such as smartphones and tablets, and the site’s whole aesthetic is much more exclusive.

The changes include a slew of visual updates such as a new site-wide theme, enhanced graphics, improved responsiveness cross-platform, and better user interface organization.

West Virginia Online Casinos Go Live

West Virginia Launches Legal Online Casinos

The state of West Virginia has finally legalized online casinos. After the Supreme Court labeled the federal ban on gambling unconstitutional, many states have been working on bills to legalize this new entertainment industry.

DraftKings and FanDuel are the frontrunner operators in the state and the most established in the region, but residents in West Virginia can now access all online US casinos freely

Evolution Gaming Offers to Buy NetEnt in $2.1 Billion Deal

Evolution Gaming to Buy NetEnt

Evolution Gaming and NetEnt have agreed on an acquisition worth $2.1 billion in a landmark deal, which will see NetEnt become a part of Evolution Gaming. If you’ve played on online casinos, you probably heard of these two names as they are both industry leaders in providing gaming software and B2B solutions to online casinos globally.

With this deal, Evolution Gaming will absorb 90% of NetEnt’s shares and continue to provide B2B software and gaming software with the newly added personnel and power that NetEnt previously offered.

Mobile Gambling Keeps Rising

mobile gambling keeps growing

It should come as a shock to nobody that mobile gambling is one of the fastest rising entertainment industries in the world today. Experts estimate that the industry is worth $79.5 billion and will grow 17.8% annually over the next seven years.

This expansion and continued investment into mobile betting will increase innovation and heighten user experiences as casinos look to gain a competitive advantage over one another. 

2020 Election – US Gambling Industry Hits the Jackpot

US gambling wins at the polls

As the 2020 elections roared on, voters in Louisiana, Maryland, and South Dakota approved sports betting. Residents in Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia are now allowed to partake in online casinos.

The coronavirus pandemic halted many talks about legalization in some states as the public’s health and safety have dominated the house floors. Experts expect talks to resume in early to mid-2021, and half of the states in the US could legalize some form of betting around that time frame, too.

Betsoft Launches New Games in Max Quest Series

betsoft launches new max quest action games

Betsoft recently released the highly anticipated Max Quest Series in the latter half of the year, and the public met the game with great praise. Betsoft provided Online United States Casinos with an exclusive scoop regarding the newly released slot, which you can see here.

The Max Quest Series is an innovative action-based shooter that has aspects of online slots payout structures included. Play on either the nautical, undead theme of Max Quest: Dead Man’s Cove or the adventurous treasure-hunting Max Quest: Mission Amazon theme. 

Stay Updated For More Gambling News in 2021

2020 was indeed a jam-packed year with so much going on. We saw significant progress in the battle to legalize gambling in the US, considerable spikes in real money online casinos due to the coronavirus pandemic, and much more. The year hasn’t even ended yet!

The OUSC team always strives to provide our readers with the latest scoops in the industry, so stay tuned for more news in the upcoming months and 2021.

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