Betcade Mobile Casino App Store Taking Submissions

Written by: Cliff Spiller, Online Casino and Game Expert
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Betcade mobile casino app store

Betcade, known to be the first company with a dedicated app store for real money casino games for Android devices, is now taking submissions for their mobile casino app store. They are interested in hosting and marketing the submissions made by operators and developers. They will start their app empire in the UK gambling market, which will be the first to see and be able to use Betcade’s services; if it shows to be lucrative, they may step into other big gambling markets like across Europe, Asia, and the United States; seeing as how they have offices in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley.

Making Gaming Apps Easier to Download

The main goal, as explained by Betcade, is to “facilitate the process of downloading Android gambling apps.” Players that currently use Android devices to gamble would have to download the mobile app through the casino’s website, which would then have them use a third-party service to actually install the app. Users in today’s world do not want to wait to have their app, or even trust an app if they need to use a different service to do the install.

This is why Betcade is so important to the market, and being first really puts them ahead of the competition, allowing them to corner the mobile casino app market by providing easier and more direct ways for Android users to download and install the apps. David Chang, CEO of Betcade, commented on opening the services to the UK market,

“Opening our Betcade App Store for business is a major milestone for our company and we are excited to be working with the best names in the industry to get their content in the store. Many thanks to all of the participants in the gaming ecosystem that have shared their thoughts and feedback so far. We look forward to working with operators large and small in our upcoming launch late summer.”

Accepting Submissions for App Store

This concept of having a real money mobile casino app store available for Android users will really open the gaming markets. Seeing as how many of the players that frequent online casinos use their mobile devices to gamble, this idea will allow them to download the casino app without having to jump through too many hoops. Betcade will be accepting submissions from operators and developers, so we may see independent games, as well as full casinos in the store.

Current app stores, like Android Market or Apple Store, do not allow real money games to be listed, making it hard for anyone to find and play their favorite casino games. They have started small in the UK market, but they may soon expand around the world as Android users are everywhere and are looking for a gaming solution just like this.

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