Biden vs. Trump – The Battle for Legal Online Gambling

Trump vs Biden Legal Online Gambling

The US Presidential Elections 2020 is just around the corner. The future of the United States is in the hands of Americans who have to decide whether to reelect Trump or vote for Biden. Each of the candidates has already stated their intentions for the country if elected. Many want to know what the new President’s election will mean for the US online gambling industry.

While many states have put in the efforts to legalize online betting, they were sidetracked last year. Let’s see what the opinions and actions of each of the presidential candidates on the matter are.

News Highlights

  • America prepares to vote in the US Presidential Elections 2020.
  • The two presidential candidates have a different stance on legal online gambling.
  • What will the elections mean for online wagering?

US Presidents and Regulated Online Gambling

The US Wire Act is a law that prohibits interstate sports betting. In 2019, the US Department of Justice tried to extend the ban to all forms of online betting. The DOJ’s proposed interpretation of the law was ruled out as incorrect by a district court but is currently in federal appeals court. The disruption of the Wire Act interpretation came under Trump’s administration.

One of Trump’s most influential supporters, Sheldon Adelson, has an ever-lasting mission to stop legal online gambling. It is no secret that Adelson, the Las Vegas Sands chairman and one of Trump’s biggest donors, is the one that opposes the legalization the most. 

Political Parties

Democratic and Republican Party

The Republican stance is that America should keep the land-based industry where legal. On the other hand, the Democrats and their presidential candidate Biden opposed adding unnecessary restrictions to the gaming sector.

The reality is, whoever gets elected for President, won’t have much of a say at a federal level. The courts are the ones that decide whether or not to restrain online betting and gambling in the states. When it comes to politicians at the federal level, they can only embrace or oppose a decision. 

Trump vs. Biden – What Do They Have To Say?

The two parties have a different view when it comes to legalizing US online betting. Let’s look into more detail about what their positions are as presidential candidates.

Biden’s Position on Legal Online Betting 

While Biden does not speak much about the topic in general, his position on the federal government’s role is that he would not interfere with individual states’ efforts to regulate online gambling. He once said:

I would reverse the White House opinion that was then reversed and overruled by the court. The court is correct. That should be the prevailing position.

Joe Biden

Trump’s Position on Legal Online Betting

The current President has had a demonstrable negative effect on the online industry, even though he is known for running casinos in Atlantic City. The DOJ that tried to reinterpret the Wire Act did it under his administration.

Trump’s administration in 2018 issued a statement explaining why they thought the government should ban online wagering in the country:

While the Wire Act is not a model of artful drafting, we conclude that the words of the statute are sufficiently clear and that all but one of its prohibitions sweep beyond sports gambling.

Donald Trump

Keep Calm and Vote

US Presidential Election 2020

Whichever candidate gets elected, the President will have some effect on the online gambling industry. We cannot expect him to have the power to ban or legalize it across all states officially, but the government’s position on the subject will matter.

Regardless of whether you’re pro or against legal online wagering in your state, there are numerous reasons to go out and vote. Remember, your voice is your vote, so make it count this election!

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