Casino Gaming Favorability Grows Among Americans

Written by: Webster Lupton, Casino, Gambling, and Sports Journalist
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us favorability towards casinos grows

According to surveys conducted recently for the American Gaming Association, the attitude in the US toward gambling is growing considerably more positive. Separate polls held in August and September 2021, found that most people believe the casino industry is a positive economic contributor and a solid vertical worthy of legal acceptance.

News Highlights

  • More Americans see gambling in a favorable light
  • Surveys show people see a positive economic impact
  • More people believe casino businesses are good citizens

Americans Have a More Favorable Attitude Towards Gambling

The survey data show that nearly 7 in 10 Americans believe that the betting industry behaves responsibly. Almost 6 in 10 believe the industry gives back to a community. About two-thirds see gaming as a positive economic contributor, and 73% support legal sports betting in their state. AGA President and CEO Bill Miller stated:

We are a committed, responsible partner and economic driver in communities across the country. Because of this, we’ve risen from the most devastating period in our history and embarked on a record-setting comeback.

Bill Miller

Do Americans Think Casino Gaming Behaves Responsibly?

Almost 70% of those surveyed believe the industry behaves responsibly. It is a significant improvement in opinions of gambling businesses in recent years. As late as 2019, just 49% of those polled had a favorable view of the industry. The American Gaming Association polls demonstrate favorability because the US public trends towards believing in the following.

  1. Gaming Industry Behaves Responsibly

    The AGA’s efforts to protect consumers may have something to do with the public’s attitude toward industry responsibility. The Association a year ago launched a drive to encourage responsible marketing, and 80% of past-year bettors said they are aware of the industry’s responsible-gaming resources.
  2. Gambling Industry Gives Back to the Communities Where it Operates

    Almost 6 in 10 survey respondents (57%) think that the industry gives back to the community in various ways.
  3. A Positive Economic Contributor That Creates Jobs

    Nearly two-thirds say that gaming provides a positive economic impact to the areas it affects. They believe the industry offers high-quality jobs to the community. Only 53% of people surveyed had the same attitude in 2019. And 75% say the industry provides equal opportunity for workers, regardless of race, gender, or other minority factors.

How Can This Affect Gaming Expansion?

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With the positive perception that these surveys demonstrate, social acceptance of the gambling business follows. That acceptance leads to further loosening of legal restrictions, and from that comes competition and expansion.

The public has improved their views in the investment community, sports industry, and all segments related to online casinos. This has all been demonstrated in recent years as more states have joined the regulated wagering trend. People in all of these areas continue to see the opportunity for public and private revenue.

Americans Attitudes In The Future of Gambling

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Ever since the Supreme Court ruled in favor of legal online gambling in 2018, more states have opened doors to online sports and casino wagering. Including ground-based betting, a total of 44 US states now have some sort of wagering available to residents.

That continued exposure means that more and more Americans see online gambling as a welcome addition to any community. That positive trend will continue as long as the industry continues to grow.

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