Chef Gordon Ramsay Will Launch Online Casino Games

Chef Gordon Ramsay Will Launch Online Casino Games

Chef Gordon Ramsay, famous for his rigorous culinary and business practices, seems to be looking to dip his toes in the online casino industry. After tackling the top challenges in the world of cuisine, the chef has applied for a trademark with the UK Intellectual Property Office. Considering that there is hardly a person owning a TV that hasn’t met an episode or two of Hell’s Kitchen, it is bound to be off to a good start.

News Highlights

  • Ramsay filed the UK intellectual property paperwork for Hell’s Kitchen.
  • A partnership with Caesars Palace in Las Vegas may be the explanation of this suspected leap into the online casino arena.
  • The 16 Michelin-Star Chef is also famous for TV shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, and Hotel Hell.

Hell’s Kitchen Turned Online Casino

There is a lot of speculation following Gordon Ramsay’s move to get full intellectual property rights over his name and personal brandHell’s Kitchen. The show that brought him international broadcasting fame revolved around failing restaurants with the chef coming to the rescue.

His arsenal – a long and successful culinary career, Michelin stars and his infallible inclination to insults – all brought about the brand that we know and love today.

Hell’s Kitchen in Las Vegas

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The success of this show got it quite far, all the way to Sin City, where the Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino features a restaurant under the same Hell’s Kitchen name.

There, Hell’s Kitchen seats up to 300 guests who get to enjoy a fantastic view of the Las Vegas Strip, alongside a range of exclusive delicious dishes. The taste of thrill, suspension, and ultimately entertainment are no strangers to his palate, and it seems he is hungry for more.

Hell’s Kitchen Registered as Trademark ®️

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Gordon Ramsay filled the paperwork with the UK Intellectual Property Office to have his name and brand registered as a trademark.

Should this come through, elements of the paperwork are bound to bring exciting things to the table for online casino enthusiasts everywhere.

It has mentions of casino software for slot games and lottery titles, as well as text regarding an official website to carry the content to the final consumers.

The Man Behind the Brand

If you are looking to gain some insight into what’s to come out of the latest project by successful celebrity, Gordon Ramsay, it should take no more than a glance along memory lane. The chef found his calling in French cuisine initially, cooking at the top luxurious restaurants in Paris.

When his solo restaurant was awarded a 3 Michelin Star recognition, Ramsay really cemented himself as one of the greats.

Gordon Ramsay’s Career

Gordon Ramsay Career

Since then, the chef has been working hard at a line of different cuisines, cooking up everything from exotic meals to gourmet burgers like no other.

Alongside his major TV brand in the center of this upcoming project, Ramsay also starred in Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell, lending a hand to hoteliers as well as chefs.

Hell’s Kitchen Coming to Online Casinos

Some of the businesses he helped managed to get back on their feet, while others fell through completely, bringing about a fluctuating success rate.

The same trend is evident in his business history, With numerous restaurants and businesses, Ramsay boasts 16 Michelin stars under his name. However, these worked at a loss of £3.8 million in 2017. He has bounced back, though.

Can Ramsay Launch Succesful Online Casino Games?

The group has recovered since then, with a reported £500,000.00 pre-tax profit reported in August 2018.  This may well be another reason for Gordon Ramsay’s endeavor into online gambling. Through all his ups and downs, Gordon Ramsay has gambled at high stakes from time to time. Right now, it seems he is coming out with a winning hand.

Knowing his style, an online casino version of Hell’s Kitchen will surely provide a successful and unique gameplay opportunity. Surely it will achieve a rewarding experience for all his fans! We are foreseeing a 5-star experience in this new venture, both for Gordon Ramsay, as well as for those online casino players who dare experience this delightful “hell.”

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