Which Countries Gamble the Most?

Written by: Webster Lupton, Casino, Gambling, and Sports Journalist
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Gambling is almost everywhere on the globe. Online access has changed this industry’s nature over the past 30 years, and virtual casinos are at the forefront.

But, which countries are the biggest in gambling?  We analyzed how much money nations spend per capita, how open their laws are, and how their cultures embrace this activity. Let’s take a look at the results.


  • Nations turn to regulation to reap the rewards of gambling
  • Some countries ease restrictions on wagering
  • The UK leads the gambling charts

Top 5 Gambling Countries

The popularity of gambling has no borders. But the laws and cultures of various countries do reveal differences in how they approach wagering. After analyzing the factors we mentioned above, we ranked the nations that gamble the most.


United Kingdom

UK Flag

The UK is the logical choice as the top gambling nation. That’s because they have harnessed the industry by completely legalizing and regulating it.

Nowadays, folks in the United Kingdom can bet on almost anything from horse races to online casinos. And the country’s Gambling Commission makes their online casinos the best and most secure in the world.



AU Flag

The “land down under” has to be considered on top of the world within this industry. Video slots, or “pokies,” as they call them, overtook the nation decades ago. Approximately 100,000 real money slots are played across the country.

The online gambling laws are kind of strange. Internet casinos are not allowed to locate in the country, but residents are allowed to play them. And they do, by the millions.



Canada flag

It is estimated that about 75% of Canadian adults have played with some form of gambling. The government takes in about $13 billion a year from that wagering.

Each of the nation’s ten provinces has its own regulations, but gambling is permitted in some form nationwide. And while the laws are vague, legit online casinos have gradually taken the place of traditional brick and mortar casinos in Canada.


The Netherlands

Netherlands flag

This is another country that has come to control its residents’ love of gambling. They have 14 state-owned Holland Casino outlets that cater to players of all sorts of games, and about 87% of their 17 million residents play. 

Just last year, the government passed the Remote Gaming Act, which opened the doors to a big future for online casinos.



China flag

People in China spend more on gambling in a year ($36,7 billion US) than people in any other country. Sheer population numbers aside, that is still surprising for a nation that strictly forbids it. 

The country does, however, have state-run lotteries. And people find a way to tap into the online gambling scene. One estimate has them spending twice as much there as in lotteries.

Best USA Online Gambling Sites

Of course, if you live in the US and aren’t in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, your best bet for gambling entertainment is online. To guide you with your casino shopping, we have three top choices for US players’ online casino sites.

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Online Casino Business Keeps Growing

No matter where you go in the world, you can find a place to gamble, especially if you have an online connection. COVID-19 may have put the economy in a slump, but the online gambling industry has kept us entertained. So hunker down if you have to, but enjoy the fun of digital casino gaming.

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