Delaware Internet Lottery Nearly Sets Revenue Record in May

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The Delaware Lottery’s internet games nearly broke a record in terms of revenues in May. It was the second-highest month since its 2013 launch.

The Delaware Lottery’s online poker and casino games won $302,122 in May.  That was just shy of the record set in June 2016 of $304,874. The May 2017 win by the Delaware Lottery’s internet games was up 7 percent from the previous year.

Slots and video poker set a record in May. The games won $199,992. This broke the previous record set in May 2016 by more than $12,000.

Gamblers were unlucky at slots and video poker in May. Players received a return of 93.7 percent. This is historically low as most months see a return-to-player of about 98 percent. The $2.9 million handle was the sixth highest in the state’s history yet the actual win was more than $12,000 higher than any other month.

The record slot and video poker handle was posted in April 2017. Players gambled $4 million at those games that month. The April 2017 slot and video poker win was $155,270.

Table games won $81,436 in May. The only two table games spread are blackjack and roulette. Players gambled almost $4 million at these games. The hold was about 2 percent.

Online Poker Still Struggling in Delaware

Online poker continues to struggle in Delaware. The tables raked $20,693. This was down 49 percent from the previous year. May was up slightly from the record low set in March 2017 of $17,715.

The Delaware online poker sites network with in Nevada. While the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas helped increase traffic for in late May, that did not seem to help draw players from Delaware to the tables.

The Delaware Lottery skins its online games through the state’s three racinos. The games may be found at, and Players must be physically located in Delaware to get in on the action.